I'm a mechanic who works on buses

I work hard and when I'm working with another person I want that person to work as hard as I do. I want to get the job done and get it done right.

Recently there was a surprise drug test and everybody was obliged to take the test or get fired. The employees were told that if they failed the test they would be terminated and if they knew they were positive for drugs that they would be accepting resignations.

OK I passed with flying colors. I knew I would and I did. Others were not as smart as I am and they failed the test or they didn't take the test and resigned.

I make just at but not quite a six figure salary and why others with my abilities can't appreciate a decent paying job with good benefits is beyond me.

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  • You make 6 figures working on buses ?? You know that the cents aren't considered figures right ? Hahahahaha

  • Glad it worked out for you

  • Employers shouldn't have any f****** say what ppl do on their own time I consider this practice criminal

  • If you are on the job while high then it is your employer's business. People's lives depend on decent brakes and a well-tuned engine and a transmission.

  • That's true. Except if it's Monday morning and I did a bong rip on Saturday, I'm done. How is that okay? Employers shouldn't have any fvcking say on what people do on their own time. Shove your self-righteous and empirically obvious rant back where it belongs.

  • Ripping that bong is illegal, right. So you want to break the law and not pay the consequences? Who do you think you are, tRump?

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