This is my problem

I had s** with a girl when i was 20, prior to this i was a virgin.
she thinks that before i met her i was a player and had s** with all sorts of girls. but things are getting serious between the two of us and shes basically the raddest girl ever and all we do is hang out with each other and do it, i cant tell her i was a virgin before i had s** with her because 20 is pretty damn old to have been a virgin, plus i know she was doing it when she was younger not that it really matters but i feel like if and when she finds out shell just think im a f***** loser and will feel differently about me. plus from all my virginitis embarrassment i have come up with a bunch of lies about chicks and a f***** up story about how i supposedly lost my virginity. I really love this girl she really makes everything so awesome but i dunno what to do, risk embarrassment or just hold down the lies

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  • My man was a virgin,until 23.What the f***,is the big deal?? I was a virgin until 24,what the big deal??
    I'll tell you,"absolutely f****** nothing"
    If your woman can't accept,that you were a virgin before her,then she's shallow and not a "woman" at all.
    A real woman,wouldn't give a s***!! And if it's not her,but you that has the issue,inregards to your virginity and lying about it,then you're shallow man!!! I personally think,its better to be known as a virgin,than a man w****!! But,if you're trying to impress your fellow peers,you must be immature and not a man,but a "boy"

  • Christ, that is the EXACT situation I was once in! Same age and everything! Ask yourself this - would she ever be able to find out? If you were planning on telling her the truth at any time, I can't see the harm in that. If it was the other way round, and you had told her you had been a virgin when in fact you were a total player, the truth would be a lot more awkward. Who knows, she may well be flattered that she was your first?

  • Stop your lien okay, tell her the truth, maybe you two will have a longer relationship together,

  • Risk the embarrassment. Don't worry, in 4 years, you'll be laughing at how you were embarrassed before. :)

  • GO F*** A C***!

  • Do you really think she cares? I would be flattered if I took someone's virginity! (Which I did :))

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