Wifes lover

I found out my wife was seeing this guy. I came home for lunch a bit late and he was just leaving. So I go in the house and theres my wife looking a bit flustered. Her cheeks were rosy and I could tell something was up. I asked her who was leaving our driveway and she said it was likely somebody turning around. So I go into our room and what do I find? theres the wet spot and also tissues by the bedside. I had walked in just after they got done So i go out and ask her wtf? She says you don't pay attention to me. I ask her so you f*** some guy? she says its not like that...hes a nice guy. so I left...havent been back for 2 weeks

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  • Go home find out who he is, get yourself a 30-06 with a 500 yard scope. Go to the range it get it dialed in perfectly. Hunt this guy for a couple weeks and pick the spot where he dies. When you pick the date and time with him, go back to your wife and do the same. They did that crap in your house while your at work slaving for her. They get what they deserve!

  • Ask her if she is willing to f*** him again with you hiding in the closet so you can watch. Tell her you will not let on you are there and will not make a scene that you just want to watch. That would be so hot.

  • F*** her divorce her if your married leave her

  • Tell her u want her back and f*** other people while ur back with her no biggy

  • I am sorry that happened to you :(

  • Watch u dont get crabs

  • This is a complicated situation :( I partially agree with the comments below.However,within my opinion and experience,I wouldn't give her second chance. If she wasn't happy or had concerns,inregards to your relationship,why did she wait until you "caught her cheating" to reveal to you,that you don't show her enough,affection? I'll tell you why,"it's because,she felt guilty and you found out" If there was any truth in it,why didn't she discuss how she feels with you,instead of cheating on you? Why did she opt for that action? If this is the case,your cheating wife doesn't have any respect for your wedding vows,she obviously doesn't respect you and she doesn't respect herself.

    But that's only my opinion.I don't know you and her.You could be the sort of person,who doesn't communicate with your wife or you ignore her,when she's trying to tell you things.I don't know.
    But whatever the reason is,you know there's either a problem in your relationship or your wife is just a cheating b****.

    Either way,good luck and I hope you make the right decision,that benefits yourself.If your heart tells you to leave her,listen to it.


  • What are you going to do? Do you want to work it out? Can you move on from this? Do you have children? She says you don't pay attention to her.. there's always 2 sides. Doesn't mean it's okay to cheat. Trust me I have been there. I was cheated on. My husband said it was just a one time thing. It doesn't matter how many times, it hurts. I always thought it would be a dealbreaker. But you don't know what you're going to do until you are in the situation. We have children. It's just double whammy that this guy is going to be in my life forever and I have to protect my children and not change the image of their father. But you can work through this. It's hard, we got through it. We had to dig deep and do real work on ourselves and our relationship. We had to really figure out if the marriage was worth saving and strong enough to survive. And in doing so, be able to truthfully move forward and leave the resentment, anger, and all the other feelings you feel. Suggest couples counseling, at least try it - a couple of sessions at least. See if you can figure out a way back to one another. Exhaust all avenues. Once you have done so, then figure out what's next.

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