Hate parenting

I'm 26 and have a 2 year old. Was thinking of leaving my then boyfriend because he works terrible hours, and is not interested in me at all. I told him this and found out I was pregnant two weeks later. We got married in a court house, no celebration of wedding or baby because we had recently moved to a new state.

My pregnancy was terrible but I tried loving the whole mother thing for as long as I could. But, I just don't. I hate it. I hate every part of it.

I love my son and I'm not mean to him and would never want anything to happen to him. But if I could go back and change my decision to become a mother I would.

My husband works opposite schedule so I'm always alone with my son. All my friends are still single and I don't have any family support.

The depression is becoming unreal. I have no desire to go to one more park or kids museum with my screaming and kicking 2 year old son to stand there by myself. Sitting in my house with my son feels like prison and I'm more depressed on Friday because I know I'll be alone with my son all weekend.

I couldn't feel more guilty about hating being a mother, but I don't see any solution to feeling better. I just don't know that I can take this for 16 more years.

If anyone has any tips, ideas, or can send out positive thoughts for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. ??

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  • You need a break, to cut loose, every so often. One of my very good friends has a small child, doesn't really get along with the father, and, due to a car accident some time ago, isn't working. She's also one of the most beautiful women I've ever known.

    Every few weeks, maybe month or so, I'll go pick her up for a night out. We'll go for drinks, dinner, maybe a movie. And yes, sometimes we end up messing around together. She always needs the break, as is stressed out from doing all she does.

    Took her to a beach this past Summer, and she had guys drooling over her in a tiny, white bikini. Didn't look anything like a mom. Just a hot woman. And I know she ate up the attention. Made her feel sexy again.

  • I am a dad of almost two year old twin boys so consider yourself lucky that you only have 1! ;)
    I am 45 and my wife is 40 so because we are older when we had the boys, we are able to cope... I'm not sure how I would've been able to handle them if I were 20 years younger! As a matter of fact, not sure humans are built to handle raising children below 30!

  • I'm having a girl on girl lesbian affair with a mom I met at my kids playgroup. It is so hot. Neither of us want to break up with our husbands. I still love my husband more than anything. This is different. Naughty, exciting, and hot hot hot. Then I go home and cook dinner and cuddle him.

  • You need to provide details on how that got started!

  • You need friends. I recall the first few months for me were a real downer. A friend invited me to her play group at a church. A little suburban church. I'd never really been into church and actually was quite hesitant. I'd kind of not gotten involved with play groups at proper kindy places as they seemed so intent on educating or something. Anyway for me, this was perfect. The moms all sat around and had coffee and cake and fruit and the kids were just there. there were some toys but mostly the kids who could walk played in the dirt in the garden. The babies were placed in a pile all side by side and if they cried someone would pick them up.

    Just look for somewhere that's right for you.

  • Positive thoughts coming your way! It's tough and especially since you have no support. But you can do it, you are doing it. We all have struggles with or without children. But you go with the flow and do your best. Every parent has these OMG, what did I do moments. Your son is in the terrible twos and that can be trying times for the both of you. He's going through lots of growth and can't quite communicate his feelings and you're at the end of your rope. My fix is usually to look online for parenting hacks to see what works and what is the best way to deal with whatever is happening. Balance and routine. It is easier said than done, but you have to just push through it. I try to set a routine for both of us and stick to it as much as possible. Join a mommy's group - very good suggestion from the comment below. It gets you out of the house, you'll meet moms close to your age and find some friends. Don't be discouraged if people are busy, just keep trying. It takes effort to make friends these days. Maybe consider enrolling your son in pre school for a couple of hours. And to keep your mind sharp, look into online classes or something. Depending on what your career aspirations are, maybe there's a pt job you can get. Just suggestions. Call up your single friends and arrange a day and have that husband of yours watch the kid. For the depression, go see your doctor. It will help. One must, you have to change your thought process or it's just going to keep you down.

  • You need a new other mommy friend! Go online and look up mommy support groups in your area - I know it seems like it will never end; but trust me, it goes by faster than you think. Also, sneak some quiet time to yourself, late at night worked for me. Even if it was just Ben & Jerrys and Will & Grace, it worked for me. The frighten Wighles drove me insane lol. Find another mom friend, pray to God for one if all else fails. Good luck!

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