Strange or what

So I confess .I love s** . omg how I love s** . but I feel I have lost my whole life away by not living out my dreams or fantasies . my second wife lived every thing out in her life . man was she ever hot too. I yearn so much to have an open marriage . not about me , but my wife . I would give anything for my wife to see other men . but she says she is past the s** in life . I think she would had stayed a virgin all her life if she could have . I just wish I had an open minded wife . it just is , what it is . I guess.

Jun 20, 2016

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  • Woman are idiots also . my wife # 2 as you put it , was Cherokee and latino . you could not have paid her to keep her panties on . I kicked her out when I found her in bed with her 17 year old son . and us guys are the idiots you say . give me a break here . there is not a woman on this planet who is totally faithful , men also . so don't judge me here . and I want judge you . we all have our fantasies , even you do . so come off the holy trip . I cant make love any more thanks to bs medications I had to take for my heart . and if I want my wife pleased , that's on me , not you !

  • Liar

  • Cant handle the truth so you come back to calling me a liar . who would want you !! I have nothing to hide . maybe you do . how many times have you cheated on your husband or boy friend ? your s*** stinks just like the rest of us . or maybe you did your own kid just like my ex did hers . either way don't come back on me unless you were there !!!!

  • Ew ^^^^^

  • Is this wife 3? If wife #2 was so hot and great - why didn't you make that work? Guys are idiots!

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