I'm really sick of my mother telling me constantly that I'll never cope when I move out because I'm clumsy forgetful socially awkward etc (making it hard for me to cook clean sort out appointments and so on so forth). She also then says about my friend who often walks to school on her own comes home and cooks dinner fine. I'm sick of this because these things don't decide whether or not you can live alone. Yes I may find domesticity hard but I will get used to it I will adapt. I have the emotional and mental strength to do that and the intelligence to know what to do if things go wrong as I can easily think of a solution to problems. Meanwhile my friend runs to me every time she has a problem and expects me to sort it despite the fact I live twenty miles away and when I give her advice she never takes it. She will never be able to move out because she'll always find someone to deal with her problems and until she sorts that system out she can't be independent. I prefer being alone and feel other people working through things makes my problems worse as I can deal with them alone which shows that I am independent. I'm sick of her being ignorant to other factors

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  • If your mum treats you like a baby then act like it. Ask her to make gazillions of pointless petty decisions. To buy you clothes and off course to choose each day what you are to wear. Start wetting your bed. Just be really childish.

  • I think you'll be just fine. Maybe you say to your mom..would you prefer I live with you for the rest of my life? Ask her to be supportive. That she is right, you will have questions and you may not do things the way she may do things, but you won't know until you get out there. And for your friend...that usually happens. Most people just want an ear to talk it out with, but usually they do what they want. Nexttime, don't offer advice instead ask your friend what she thinks she should do. Deep breaths and don't let things get to you..especially other people's problems.

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