How my sister became my girlfriend

I was picking my sister up from school . She was 15 at the time . She got in the car that day and gave me an open mouth kiss with all of her friends witching us . I still remember the taste of her gum . On the home I asked her y she had kissed me . She told me her best friend bet she wouldn't do it . I keep thinking about her after that . Around 6 that night I knock on her bedroom door . She asked what and I asked if she wanted to go see a movie . She opened the door she was already dressed up in a mine skirt and a low cut shirt I could see her black bra and a pare of hi heals . She gave me another kiss and wispered in my ear only if it is a date . So we went on our date . After the movie we was kissing on the way to to my car she wispered in my ear that she is ready for her first time in the back seat . Thin she bit my ear . I had my hand in her pants on the way to the back road that all my friends take there dates to f*** . My sister was so wet by the time we got there . I think she came 2 time on the way . As soon as I parked she was in the back seat . She aredy had her top and bra off she had her skirt up around her belly . I got in the back seat with her I gave her a kiss and lined up and start to enter her she was really tight . I was looking deep into her eyes by moon light . As I went deeper I I could see her eyes getting big and she was tensing up and it felt like she was getting tighter thin she cried my name as I felt a pop as I went all the way in . She was breathing heavily an holding me tight her finger nails was dug in to my back after a moment she loosened her grip and said ok big brother your baby sister is ready for you . So I started f****** her she was really into it . After about 20 minutes she was in the middle of her 5 c****** . I told her I was going to c** soon she smiled and said u better not stop thin she said baby sis needs big bro to make a woman out of her . With that I Couldn't take it any more and I fill my sister full of my c** . We held each other for a while thin we drove home . Win we got home in the light we could see we was both cover in her blood so we took a shower together where we did it again . Thin we went to my bed and f*** again we have been doing it ever since then shortly after that night we found out she was pregnant we have been dating ever since then . We have been together for 15 years and r still in love


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  • Incest=love

  • It was the other way for me my brother enjoy my bum hole f*** me most night always bareback I love it later got a few friends to f*** me and did a 69 with them and I always swallow there juice

  • I Like it, good for you bro

  • Hey stop writing this fake junk! Then go stand on the train tracks and wait

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