Marriage falling apart

I've been married a few years now. She had anxiety and depression issues and I knew this coming into it and it was always managable...over the last year I've been feeling like the relationship is being more about her than me though...she's more or less withheld s** from me for the past year and when she does want it, it's only because she's been drinking and it makes me have issues in she blames me for not wanting to fix it, but even after I did go to a doctor and get pills, she then said the problem must be her, and still no s**.
She was recently stressed out by work and abruptly quit her job...I was happy at first by this because I know the stress it was causing, but then she became very cold and distant and wanted to travel to Europe. I let her go, with the money we were saving for possible kids and house repairs, she wanted to go for a month...but now she found that she's extremely happy there. While I'm glad for her, I'm still stuck with the burden of the house and other things. She got a job there and is loving life, but says very little to me about how much she cares about me or misses me. I think it's a relationship I need to get out of (divorce) but something keeps holding me back.
I secretly wish she stops loving it there, or that something bad happens so that she will want to come back, but I don't think that will make things any better...

Jun 26, 2016

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  • OP here. Thanks to all for your replies. I found out she was cheating, you were right. I've initiated divorce actions and I actually feel happier now than before. Thanks again everyone :)

  • I'm sorry , don't hold your breath here . Seems to me she has moved on without you . Time to man up and move on for your own health and your Heart . It sucks hearing this . But she playing you . Time to move on . You deserve to

  • Sorry to hear your pain. Good luck!

  • life really this hard to figure out for some people? is it really? 'cause, wow.

  • Get a divorce you can do better than her. You can find someone who will be there for your needs not just theirs. Do it now, what do you got to lose? You should thank your lucky star's that you didn't have kids with her otherwise she would've put you through the ringer with child support..

  • I think her idea of happiness doesn't seem to include you, but at least your bank account serves her some use. But hey, if things (I mean when) go sour in Europe, she will come home back to her miserable old self, and the cycle will continue. Don't worry, cuck, you'll get lots of chances to be a doormat. I don't get why people have to be so passive, but if it's your kick, knock yourself out, slugger.

  • Dump the b**** and grow a pair. She probably cheating on you. That's how she gets her "happiness"

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