The little guy

In my group of friends I adopted the nickname the little guy. Now keep in mind I'm am 6'2" so it's not about my height. It all started 3 years ago when I was on a camping trip with my 3 buddies and their wives, my wife was there also. One night we all decided to go skinny dipping in the pond and first we watched all the ladies strip down and jump in. Then it became the guys turn and we all stripped at once. That's when everything changed. Looking to my left and right I could see that all 3 of my friends had very large penises. At least 5 or 6 inches soft. Which is huge compared to me because I'm only 2 in soft and 4.5 erect. And before I could cover myself up all the wives said look at that little guy and gestured with their thumbs and pointer fingers in a small manner. I was too embarrassed to go skinny dipping and ran into the cabin. Then my friends yelled don't worry we will show your wife a good time. But I was too embarrassed to say anything back.

Jun 27, 2016

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  • Dude I prefer smaller d*** over big d*** any day. I'm also 14 so who knows when that will change but small d*** is more idk warming it's just better

  • Sorry to hear about your tiny problem. Did your wife get f***** hard while sucking the other's d***? Is your wife stretched out? This happened to my girlfriend after my ex-mate got his d*** out at a party. She went off and took his monster c*** deep. 6 months later she's still not as tight as she used to be

  • Shave all their heads while they are sleeping the rat bastards

  • How odd. Like who cares (other than the OP). Do women care about p**** size? I've played team sports all my life where often there were communal showers. Never once heard anyone make comment about p**** size.

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