Being the skinny one.

Everyone wants to be skinny. People will go and eat "healthier", starve themselves. People try to exercise more, h***, some people will do almost everything. I see obese people every day. And then some just don't give a f***. Some of them have gotten Diabetes from being fat, and some just can't help it. I'm sorry, but I don't understand. EVERYONE seems to want to be skinnier. But I'm skinny. One of the only people I know for that matter. I'm also 5'10. Every time I see a commercial for weight loss, or jenny craig, I just can't understand anybody who has to deal with it. And being skinny isn't always great. As a guy, I'm pretty into playing sports with friends, and I do get into fights, and being the skinnier guy with less muscle isn't all that great. Trust me. Either way, what are your thoughts? Do you wish you were skinnier, or fatter.

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  • For the same reason you can't understand, they want to be skinny.

  • No one is completely, one hundred percent, happy with their body. No one. Don't dwelol on it though, there are bigger and more pressing things in life that you should pay attention to.

    Oh ps - you don't say how young you are, but if you are a teenager or even in your early twenties, there is a good chance you will fill-out in a few years anyways.

  • That's your perception. It may not be so much about being skinny..but being fit, trim, healthy and happy. They all go hand in hand and getting there can be a viscous cycle. Most likely you don't really get it because you haven't list lose weight as your New Year's resolution yet. Be thankful you're naturally skinny and don't have weight issues to deal with. You're young, tall and active and probably consume a lot of calories without thinking about it. As you get older, your body begins to change. And there are a multitude of reasons why people eat and get fat. So many things lead to the battle of the bulge. Work, body issues, family, stress, finances, emotional issues, lack of exercise and people just get busy. But men and women also build and lose muscle and fat differently. And whatever your weight is, the battle is different for everyone.

  • For guys is usually different. Women, for the most part, like to feel protected. So no matter how fat a girl is, she still wants to feel like a girl in the arms of a man. I think it goes back to the cave era.

    Just imagine if we hadn't gotten rid of the entire cave courtship, like knocking a cave woman out; It wouldn't matter how skinny you are, just how hard you hit(LOL). Seriously now, you have the tall thing going for you. And men usually gain weight with age. I heard or read somewhere that our shoulders broaden later, like in our late 20's.

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