How i rate my men

he has standards 
he the highest quality man
he loves spirituality and rules
he enjoys dating and treats his women like gold
he never cheats on his women
he never puts himself in a situation to be unfaithful to his women
he never flirts with anyone but his women
he treats his women like she is his only treasure
his women is always on his mind and in his thoughts because he loves her
he does not love any other women but what belongs to him 

he has standards
his looks draw women to him
he already knows what women he desires and he does not hesitate to s***** her up and purchase her with marriage before another man does 
he always faithful to his women
treats her like his best friend
he always buy's his women gifts
he believe's god's words are truth and he tries to never disobeys them and repents when he does
he is only friends with other women

he is attractive
many people love him
he likes to tell jokes
he never cheats on his women
he may put himself in flirting situations but is never unfaithful to his women
he treats his women good
he is not abusive 
he enjoys to date many women and hanging out with them but he never cheats
he is touchy feely with other women but he does not cheat on his women when she is not around

he has standards
he is beautiful
he is spiritual 
he is a little bit lower than men of gold
he is passionate
he is loving
he is considerate
he loves animals
he enjoys spending alone time with his women
he is a joy to be around
he falls in love easy
he is very romantic with his women 
he is always faithful to his women/girlfriend

he does not always have standards
he does not like pets but he will tolerate them
he will almost cheat but doesn't
he puts himself in many situations to cheat but never does
he enjoys flirting with other women but is never unfaithful to his women
he treats his women fairly but not like she is anything special
he treats his women like a chick on the side
he gets violent sometimes but always apologizes to his women
he always mentally cheats with other women but never physically 
he has his women in his thoughts only sometimes
he thinks about cheating alot because he is not in love but he likes his women
he has feelings for his women but does not love her

he hates god and anything with rules
he does not think that anyone deserves to be treated good but only him
he will use drinking to feel better about himself 
he will use drugs to feel better about himself but deep down inside he knows hes lost
he enjoys being a bully 
he hates pets unless he trains them to bite people
he does not care about his women at all he only sees her as p**** or a good f***
he enjoys abusing his women and cheating on them all the time
he does not care about what he does to anyone he would even bully someone crippled but if someone treats him badly he ready to fight them
he loves to hurt his women's feeling and make them cry
he will tell his women that pain will make her stronger
he does not care about anyone else's feelings but his own
he is a bully to everyone pretty or ugly
he has no standards at all
he follows no ones rules but his own
he is trash so he treats people the same way
he will even cheat on the women that he cheated on his women with and feel nothing at all
he has no conscience and never helps anyone but himself 
people most likely regret seeing his face and knowing that he exist

he will need to kill people in order to feel something because he does not belong to god so he needs to hurt someone to feel something or he needs to a kill life in order to feel better about himself
he will hurt anyone around him and even cut himself until he bleeds and he will begain to think the pain helps him because he has done so many evil things that gods, presences has left so he's feeling void and alone
he is a reprobate

synonyms:rogue, rascal, scoundrel, miscreant, good-for-nothing, villain, wretch, rake, degenerate,libertine, debauchee; 
archaicblackguard, knave, rapscallion
"a hardened reprobate"

reprobate mind” is found in Romans 1:28 in reference to those whom God has rejected as godless and wicked. They “suppress the truth by their wickedness,” and it is upon these people that the wrath of God rests 

he always has to treat people like s*** in order to feel good about himself
he would push an old person in a wheel chair down the stairs just to feel something
he will bully anyone to feel good about himself and he always hates himself

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  • I rate you as being a psycho t*** who thinks she's soooo sooooo much better than she actually is.......

  • I misread the title as "How I irate my men"
    and I bet you do.

  • How I rate my women
    10 Unreachable, unfuckable, insanely beautiful, out of reach, too young, too old, celebrity, photo shopped.
    9 Will talk to me.
    8 Has a brain, can discuss,
    7 Nice t***, legs, body, looks
    6 My wife.
    5 Any woman I have not met yet or simply see around the place. Shop keepers, casual interaction, other peoples wives.

    0 Rude to me, wont shut up, screeches, nasty, tries to force their opinion, cause, religion, lack thereof, politics, lack thereof,

  • Lol @ photoshopped and will talk to me

  • You will live a lonely life

  • I can tell you are VERY young. There is no man out there, like your idea. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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