Mary Y I should not have dated you

You were a religious girl and I was an atheist. To me nothing in the bi bull made sense. I don't believe in life after death and why I went out with you is a mystery even to myself.

I wanted a girl who did s**. Pure and simply I wanted some girlfriend I could f*** on a regular basis.

You thought s** before marriage was a sin and you were thirty.

I quit calling you which hurt your feelings.

My question to myself is this. Why did I date you? Why?

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  • You saw a challenge. You thought you could boldly go where no man had gone before. You thought you'd be victorious. You thought your friends would admire you for having nailed and railed "that virgin girl". You saw a possible conquest. Problem is: you never saw her. So, you lost. And what does that make you? That's right.........a loser.

  • I'm the OP and this isn't entirely accurate. I knew beforehand that this woman was a Christian and that there was no chance of any physical romance but I believe the reason I date her was curiosity. Sad to say I never dated a woman with strong religious convictions before I met and-and I have not since breaking up with her.

  • Poor Mary...too bad you can't really love a person.

  • It is sad. Even though she is a regular church goer she has failed to find a man to marry her.

  • Has she really failed? Maybe she doesn't want to get married...maybe she is happy just doing whatever she is doing.

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