My ultimate vent

Ok gotta get something off my chest but let me say one thing.
There are people who truly try to commit suicide and suffer from those thoughts. Like my mom, who would have bled to death in a bath tub had her need for cigarettes hadn't drawn her out. Her bf saw her and took her to the hospital. She suffers from depresion and amxiety disorders.

Anyway. I get it. But I am so SICK of these people who want attention.even one of my friends was telling me about having to go to couseling so I asked why. She held up her wrist and there was a scratch so small, so shallow that I thought she may have got in a fight and the girl scratched her. So I asked her how it happened. And she said she cut her wrist.

This is what I am talking about. This doesn't apply to the true sufferers but to the people who do it just to do it. If you do it for attention, stop. Suicide is serious. Never to be taken lightly. So please quit it.

Apr 2, 2015

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  • This right here.

    This is why I love to troll "cutter" stories here, no matter how old they are. Because 1) the vast majority of the time it's for attention (people have literally said so, more than once) and 2) it's *always* for some really stupid, overblown reason! And 3) it seriously cheapens the h3ll that *true* depression and anxiety sufferers endure. Most people who have them say they wouldn't wish them on anybody. I'm a hemorrhoid (I irritate a$$holes), so I absolutely DO wish them, dialed to 11, on attention wh0res and anyone else needing some Real Life Experience.

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