Mom is leaving us to our abusive dad

I'm 17 and female. My sister is 18 and a part-time worker at Subway. Our parents refuse to get an official divorce, so now my mom is packing her s*** and she's going to abandon us.

I asked to come with her, she said no. I asked to visit her, she said no... She and my sister argue constantly like cats and dogs. She is leaving because my psycho drill-sargent dad is a sexist pig. He breaks her things if she doesn't do what she's told. He steals her car for hours at a time (she bought it), and he threatens to kick her out of the house when they get into arguments. He's punched holes into the walls and once sprained my wrist when I tried to separate him from my mom.

When he gets p***** at us, he will "go on strike". He will refuse to buy groceries and tell us to make do. He'll refuse to take my sister to work (she just started this year and is saving money for a car). She once had to walk in a torrential downpour to get to work because he was in one of his moods. Another time I was sick at school and he told me to suck it up. My mom left work to take me to the doctor, and we found out I had walking pneumonia. You get the point.

She's leaving as soon as the Corona mess settles down. She won't tell me where, or why I can't come with her. She's basically throwing us to the wolves because she "can't handle it anymore".

Yeah, we resent her for it. She could divorce him and take us with her, but she's going to save herself instead. My sister can move out, but I can't until October 30th. In other words, I'm completely f***** until I can move in with her and start working. Does anyone have any good advice? Financial, emotional, anything will help.

Apr 27, 2020

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  • I think I know why your mom is leaving and leaving you in this situation!

  • Mom used to hand me a condom and tell me to go take care of dad

  • Life will remain cruel. Only rich has the right to enjoy rest are monkeys of the branches called as food water shelter love respect job bla bla bla....okay let the mother go... you need to play carefully for example record dad’s behaviour so that you could use it on the right time. Have a attitude like “life is bitchh so am I” .Good luck

  • Let her choose her own way but put a condition that she will keep in touch with you.

  • Tell both of your parents to go to h*** and stay with a friend.

  • Call the police and social services!

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