New dimension in the bedroom

My wife and I have shared 28 years of marriage, we discussed our fantasies a year ago. I told my wife my ultimate fantasy was having a well endowed black female. She also confessed her fantasy is having a young well hung latino man. My wife contacted a escort service and picked a young dark skinned black women with a huge bottom. It cost quite a bit of money, but she paid the fee and brought her to me for my birthday. I cannot begin to tell you of my experience with this black woman, but I loved it. The best s** I ever had, her big bottom made a most pleasurable experience I will never forget. After one year, my wife has contracted out 3 other black women, but I had to pay for them. This has opened a new dimension in our marriage. I also have chosen two hispanic well hung young males for my wife, I also had to pay for that also. She enjoyed both at the same time, I never knew her fantasy consisted of a threesome. Imagine a 52 year old women with two young male lovers. She cannot wait till next year for a second round . Due to cost, we had to postpone and save up. Her birthday is in october and mine in november. Truly, many people will scratch their heads and think we are crazy. But believe me, have a heart to heart conversation with your spouse, express your fantasies and be honest. I can assure you, life is short, go for it!

Jul 3, 2016

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  • Keep your wife happy like that she will never leave you . I would give anything for a wife like you're wife . When comes to my wife , huh ain't no way . Been a sexless marriage now for the past five years . Really . Good luck to you both

  • Don't all you people Think about STD' s? What about Aids? What do you think all condoms are safe? Think again!!

  • Nothing odd about that. Find a s** club near where you live so you can mingle with people who are into the same thing. All you would pay for is membership.

  • Icky. Not a good way.

  • Wow

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