I feel stuck

I feel stuck in my life, I'm 20 years old and I haven't achieved/done much aside from getting an associate's degree. I haven't even started working or learned how to drive and know that I need to, desperately. I can't find the motivation nor the energy to do what I need to do, I'm just stuck here rotting. I have ** to do but for some reason, my entire being just doesn't allow me to. I feel helpless as I watch others my age flourish in life and I'm still here stuck figuring out how to gain motivation to even wash a dish.

May 30

Next Confession

Yaaay abandonment issues

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  • Do you live with your parents? If so, move out. Facing the reality of taking care of yourself is a real "gut punch" in the priorities. You'll be too busy surviving to spend time feeling sorry for yourself.

  • I agree with person, just put out and collect cash until you know what you want. It’s not like it costs you anything, and buys time.

  • Find yourself a sugar daddy. Put out 1-2 times per week and carry on!

  • Do you really believe that thinking too much or just sitting there would fetch you anything?

    You are allowed to take actions but you should not be focused on outcomes of your karma.

    One day i was returning home with a job offer letter in my hand and met with an accident, tho it was not a major one.

    I had a plaster for 45 days and every single day i cussed god for it. Another day, I was walking down the road saw a guy with one hand only. He was happy and smiling.

    I felt like a **. After the wait was over. I again appeared for a job interview. Got selected! With a double compensation that I was offered earlier.

    God works in mysterious ways.

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