Don't save him, he don't wanna be saved

I don't want damaged goods.

If he's distant and unromantic because that's who he is, I could handle it. I doubt it though. When we met over a month ago there was a lot more excitement and interest from him. Now I feel like there's this solid concrete wall between us.

I'm tired of beating myself b***** emotionally against the wall, all the while creeping along on egg shells as I try to figure out if I'm doing something right or wrong. Trying to discuss anything serious besides our aspirations and dreams and goals result in his agitation and him locking down on me.

I know what I'm worth, I know there are plenty of other guys out there that'd be so happy to have a woman like me. I don't care. I want him. I'm slowly falling for him despite the fact that I feel like I don't understand him at half of the time.

And then I wonder if he used to be different before other women dug their claws in and did whatever to him, and I just get so depressed thinking that perhaps past relationships and experiences have turned him cold.

Jul 5, 2016

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  • It's time to face the facts. Those other relationships haven't turned him cold. He's just not that into you.

  • I just thought that I'd give a little update and say that I'm with somebody else now we've been together for over a year. He is wonderful and treats me very well.

  • That's a lie, because he's with ME! We were married about three months after he started acting cold toward you. You don't take hints very well, do you?

  • Im in the same boat. Dont do it to yourself, wasting valuable time when theres that person that could really be loving you.

  • Please wake up! There are millions of people who are victims of domestic violence, cheating, emotional abusers, gas lighting. Maybe your just convenient for him right now. When a man loves you - you know it and don't have to guess if he does. So either accept him as he is, or go find the man you think you deserve. Don't blame past relationships.

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