I was doing some baking after my husband left for work. My neighbor next door came over to return some tools he borrowed. I invited him in for some cookies and we chatted for awhile. I really began to enjoy his company. As he was leaving, he turned and put his arms around me. I offered no resistance as he began kissing touching me intimately. He seemed surprised that he did this and apologized before leaving. I am having very sexual thoughts about him and want him to come over again.

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  • Do not let the opportunity pass. Invite him back for cookies and p****.

  • Eventually, you'll see him again. What will you say? You might offer, 'after last time, I hoped I'd be seeing you sooner ...' Follow with a warm smile...

  • Invite him back and tell him to bring his tool.

  • Things happen sometimes. Woman who was cutting my hair a few years ago was a tall, gorgeous, German blonde. Went to her many times, usually chatting, eyeing her up, goodbye hug, then leaving. She opened a clothing store inside of her shop (which ultimately became her undoing), and was showing me the shop one day after my cut.

    Standing in front of her at a rack (and staring at hers), we just...Took a step into each other and started kissing and feeling each other's bodies. My guess was, this was building up over time and today was just right, or, maybe she was in one of those moods. Kept it up for a few minutes, broke away, and she thanked me. I looked forward to next time like crazy, but by then..She closed up. Have had very here and there email contact, but that's it. Would love to have her in-full..

  • Call him and tell him you're making cookies again, and ask if he wants more.

  • So very hot and so verrrrrrry sexy. Please let us know what happens between the two of you.

  • What about him turned you on?? If he came over again what would you like to happen????

  • These neighbours are very forward. I would never even consider doing something like that.

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