Mothers in the best interests of the child

Men get blamed for almost all abuse. Rightly so. When men abuse they do it for selfish reasons. BUT the unbalance here is that women and mothers seem to get away with what I would consider abusive behaviour and no one says anything or they even congratulate each other.

For example one day I stood with some mothers at a school social function and one of them was saying how she knew her kid needed medicating (code for drug the kid up and make him a zombie) and she had to take him to 4 doctors before one of them agreed with her and prescribed the stuff.

My wife chooses our kids clothes. If I say it would be nice for our daughter to wear a dress then she will make comment about inappropriate for middle aged men to be selecting a girls clothes yet it is perfectly OK for her to put her in one thing one day and different thing another day including mini skirts so b***** this idea of 'inappropriate' its just all about her control.

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  • Women rule that's about it

  • I hope u get consistently cheated on by everyone u date

  • F*** u seriously equality will never happen because of ppl like u

  • You hit the nail on the head. Your wife needs to be in control. Any double standard she's using has nothing to do with reality, she's just coming up with reasons to keep being herself. Choose your battles wisely though. Think "is this the hill I want to die on?" Personally, I would let her dress my daughter, I'd rather put my foot down when it comes to something more important.

  • A random Middle aged man making dress suggestions for your daughter would come off as weird. You are her father. And just suggesting a dress is not inappropriate and should not be thought that way. There is nothing sexual about that. Your wife has some odd hang ups. Have you ever argued this point with her. It's one thing if your daughter just doesn't like to wear dresses. But if she's at the stage where her clothes are being picked out, seems like you should be able to get a chance to choose an outfit. If anything.. her belief system and categorizing things like that will be detrimental to your daughter.

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