Relationship With My Best Friend's Boyfriend

I'm 16 years old, and my name is Liz. I go to a high school in California, and I mostly hang out with my three best friends Brandon, Drew, and Angela. Angela's boyfriend is Drew, and Brandon already has a girlfriend. Anyway, my relationship with Drew all started a few weeks ago when the four of us decided to go to a park at night to smoke, drink, Snapchat, and talk.

I was sitting on a park bench smoking and checking Instagram when my bracelet fell on the ground. Right when I was about to pick up my bracelet, Drew grabbed my bracelet and threw it at least thirty feet away. I ran to get my bracelet and Drew followed laughing and apologizing. I was finally able to retrieve my bracelet and turn around to run back to Angela and Brandon when Drew caressed my cheek.

He moved me closer to him so our noses were barely touching. Drew said, "I've always loved you Lizzy, and I just want to call you mine." That melted my heart, and Drew started to lean in to kiss me. I closed my eyes and kissed back when our lips met. When we stopped Drew said, "Lizzy, we have known each other for a while, and well, will you be my girlfriend?" Not thinking at the time, and being the lonely single person I am, I agreed.

Now in class, he hugs my waist, and kisses me in the halls. Drew always texts me sweet messages, but I feel so guilty. And I've been friends with Angela for so long, I feel so bad. I mean, I don't think I'd ever tell Angela about this even if Drew and I broke up, because she would be so upset.

Anyway, that's how my relationship with Drew and I started and that's how it's been for at least four weeks now. But, I might break up with Drew soon because I feel so bad. Then again, I don't think I want to because unfortunately, I've fallen in love...

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  • A man wrote this

  • At 16, that's an awful thing to not only do to your best friend but yourself. You deserve to find a guy that you like and not have to keep it a secret. And this guy is clearly using you. If he's so willing to cheat on Angela, he will surely cheat on you. Next, Angela is your friend and you should feel bad. You really risk losing her as a friend. Your friendship with Angela will most likely last a whole lot longer than your secret high school relationship. Consider if she ever finds out, high school will not be very fun for you. You guys are in high school..seriously, someone is going to see something. It is such a terrible thing to do to a friend. Nothing good ever happens to cheaters. Your actions have consequences. You know you would be hurt and hate both of them if the roles were reversed. Don't be that girl. Have enough integrity for yourself to break it off with Drew.

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