Suicide thoughts

Many times i think of what is the use of living and think about how it would be to just end it. when I was younger (I am in my mid 40's now) i was still enthusiastic and energetic about life, new experiences and doing wonderful things.
the more i have learned about how corrupt the world actually is we live in, and I mean full blown corrupt, everywhere the less i feel motivated to do something let alone contribute to society.
i keep going but many, many times I wonder what the h*** I am doing and why i should continue. in the big scheme of life...does it really matter what I do? I have more and more doubts about that. seeing the news, seeing the corrupt politicians, seeing the corrupt corporations, seeing how the banks rob everybody and being protected by governments i see very little positive change. in fact, it seems more like, business as usual and most people are either asleep or doped up with alcohol, drugs or medications to numb the pain.
when does it all end? why continue? maybe life is better at the other end? who knows.

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  • I think a lot of people are feeling the way you do. Just remember things could be worse. Create your own little slice of heaven - even if it is imaginery

  • ^Yessss! Agree with this comment! It's really easy to get bogged down in the details. The news is terrible these days! Try not to pay attention to much media. You are here for a reason. If you feel really compelled to do something, look in your community to make changes. Maybe volunteer somewhere. It may not change the world, but sometimes helping a small few can have a positive impact. And don't concentrate on things you can't control. Be grateful for your good friends and family, your health and the little things in your life. If you don't like something, make an effort to change things. Even the slightest tweak in how you do things can help. Change your routine, take a class, plan a trip, even if it's a couple of hours away. Do something for you. Breathe in fresh air and take advantage of the little things in life that bring you joy. But if you are suffering from depression and area really contemplating suicide - go seek help.

  • Another one like me. A life of missed opportunities and under achievement.

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