An empathetic ability to stand in someone else's shoes...
...with people we will probably never know...
The more difficult things that have happened to our lives
become the things that teach us the most.
How much we value all the really lousy times in my life...
Whatever we learn from this
It will be what we will be pass to other people
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Be happier!
I love her...You love him/her/it
Don't distract yourself from it
from the pain
and the joy
ACCEPT it as part of your human condition
Oh, well...



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  • Sarina russo left me so far behind I have to try to catch up on 15 years of her putting me down and putting me in her concentration camp abusing me. I had to see everyone advance above me so I hope that happens to her back. she cost me so much pain, I have no husband and no skills and no money. no investments, no insurance and no superannuation. she made me go without holidays for decades. and no children. poor health and I would like someone to hit that woman over the head! if ever someone should be blood sacrificed for her satanic craft it is her. I am in so much poverty because of this woman not willing to share. give her no compassion she gave me none.

  • A lovely post

  • Nice, this made my day. Thanks.

  • It's always a good feeling though not always it makes happy but beautiful words are always worth a read.

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