Ok lets put the nagging aside.

I do not confess anything but my opinion. OK Bin Laden is dead.. or is he? Isn't it a bit fishy that they killed him right around the corner from reelection? I mean Obama hasn't been too productive.. we are still in a deficit, and not making a real progress.. so in a sense isn't this a thumbs up for Obama, and a push for him to be reelcted? i understand that maybe he needs more time since all of this has accumulated in a long period of time. pardon my wording, he has a lot of s*** on his plate. in any case, i'm not too pro obama. trump has been giving him a hard time, and does need to relax. if the president was white would we push him for his birth certificate.. i smell racism. (i'm white). ok so back to Bin Laden, DNA testing, too fast. yes our technology is high up there but we shouldn't have thrown his body into the sea so soon... to make sure that it was actually him. anyway i live in new york, and shitless scared of what will happen next(the retaliation). think obama is really dead? sorry government, i don't trust you.



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  • I wonder if all the people who blame Obama for our national debt passed high school economics. If they did they would realize that the economy is cyclical and goes through highs and lows naturally, it really makes no difference whose leading. And if they passed high school government they wouldd realized that in actuality, to put it simply, the president is just the face. Because of our checks and balance system, very little is left solely up to the president.

  • No, he's dead. There was a guy living in the neighborhood that tweeted the attack. What would convince you?

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