own **

is it true that everyman has tried to ** there own ** at least once?????

a man told me this and never to belive anyone that said that they hadnt! but i carnt beleive it!!!

(im a lass by the way!)

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  • ** no

  • Well im a girl and i remember asking my exbf that question.
    and he told me "i think every guy wonders what it would be like to ** their own **.... if they say they haven't thought of it at least once they are lying"

    and there you have it :P

  • aaahahaha. you have a point. call it a flaw in our evolutionary design. The truth is, it'd probably be disappointing if you could get it right... like tickling yourself doesn't really work.
    It would also teach guys a good lesson about what it's like to succumb. ;) G.

  • LOL That's ** hilarious! I wish I could lick my own **. . . .but then again, you're right, there would be no use for a man except to pay my bills! LOL Just kidding

  • but yes, everyone has tried.

  • If men could ** their own **, the human species would go extinct, as they wouldn't need women anymore.

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