Am I crazy ?

For the past three years i have been talking to myself. It started out normal like thinking out loud but now it developed to the point where i have full conversations with myself, including asking myself a question and then answering it by myself, calling myself names and criticising myself, threatening myself or sometimes even hitting myself (not too hard).

I really don't know if it's normal or if i have some sort split personality but i do it all the time sometimes even while having a conversation with another person. people often notice it and ask me what i am saying and i reply nothing just thinking outloud.

I'm a fifteen year old boy by the way.

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  • Talking to yourself is fairly normal. I think we all do it. However, the full conversations, threats, and hitting yourself..Not so much. I live alone, and, yeah, do talk to myself at times, but fall short of fully-involved conversations. You need some friends, a social outlet to be noticed.

    By contrast, my hot older sister was a teacher, so, spoke all day. She'd get home to her apartment, and value total silence, including her own. We'd chat if I stopped by, but, she often said..I talk all day, you'll have to excuse if my answers are short of I'm not very good conversation.

  • A message from the future: stop seeking attention.

  • Yes

  • Yeah you're crazy


  • It is uncommon. But you are not crazy. Some people does that too. You should have someone to talk to. A best friend, family or a girlfriend. Just someone you know won't judge you. Don't bottle up your feelings or problems. What you ask yourself, ask them too. Ask for their opinion. And if you aren't comfortable with talking to someone else, write it down. Another way is also to distract yourself. Find something to do when you have free time or are alone, like writing, drawing, taking pictures, etc. etc. I apologize if I have offended you. Please keep yourself healthy.

  • Sup bro bro. I'm 26, do the same s***. Let me guess. Your the only child, parents split up, moved away, or you isolated yourself. So is it normal, lol getting mad at yourself over stupid s*** lol I have done that, so I get it. Honestly do you have suicidal thoughts. If your answer is yes then dude you gotta tell someone. I was getting some from a medication I was taking. So tell an adult you trust and don't tell your friends that would run around school spreading s***. Didn't happen to me but yeah....anyways. Do you catch yourself every time doing it

  • Hey, original poster here. No my parents didn't split up or anything. I really can't find any reason for it. It just started about three years ago and I am guessing something must have happened then but i can't remember anything. as for suicidal thoughts I don't have them (not anymore). when i was 10 I used to have suicidal thoughts I even tried doing it twice once by choking myself and the other by eating Silica Gel (the thing you find in new shoes with labels all over it saying do not eat). Luckily in the first time when choking myself I lost control over my hands and then my feet and fell down on the ground (no one was watching) the wire i was using must've f***** up the nervous system or whatever. In the second time when swallowing Silica gel I didn't take like a lethal dosage so nothing happened. I don't exactly remember why I did it but it must've been some stupid family s*** or whatever. I never told an adult and I don't intend to anytime soon but as for school I didn't really tell anyone either but people notice things like that and soon rumors all over 9th grade was spreading that i was crazy. I didn't really care at first but eventually it got to me and I started believing that i was crazy. anyway I'm still not that f***** up though i don't hear voices or anything like that.

  • F*** dude that's all bad, honestly I think out loud like I said in my first response all the time. It helps me keep track of my orginal task. Your not crazy bro so don't think that. What happened in your past...damn dude. My perspective on life is pretty f***** up so I'm not gonna say anything but you already know your lucky you didn't die. Know one wants that s***. Dude I had so many friends in high school and I moved to a different state. Barley had any friends so I developed habits like talking out loud. My parents devorced and compared to third world countries I have it easy as f***. But back to it, when they devorced I would talk to friends about things but when I moved all I had were my puppy dogs. So started talking to them as weird as it sounds lol. Do you have many friends and do you get like nervous if you have to go do stuff

  • Yeah man i do have friends i am not so sure if i could call them friends yet so let's say classmates who are friendly. As you can probably see I do regret trying to take my life but that's all from the past now. reading about your parents divorce I felt like I have nothing to complain about, nothing that bad ever happened to me but whatever. I am not so sure what you mean by the last question but lately in school I have been caring less and less about what people think of me (I was like f*** it, they can think what they want, they might be right but i really don't care). anyway thanks for the advice man i hope your life gets better and take care :)

  • Alright so Brett here, idk if I told you my name and it's early so I'm not looking at what I wrote previously. Some people go through divorce some dont. Honestly I'm just some dude, I'm 26 and have way to much s*** going on. lol yeah I hope my life gets better to but before I go. I need to tell you this. DO NOT SAY F*** IT....dude as soon as I didn't give a s*** what anyone thought, it's hard to start caring again. Just catch yourself doing it and realize our doing it, because it is normal. You got a girlfriend or partner or whatever

  • I'll have to disagree with you there. Maybe you misunderstood me, by "f*** it" I don't mean s**** everything I'm not gonna give a s*** about life and s*** like that, I mean I'm not gonna care what other people think of me because honestly it's too much of a bother to care about what others think of you, especially when you don't really like them that much.
    here is ten reasons why shouldn't care what people think:

    Anyway, as for the girlfriend, I really have no interest in girls. I've never been attracted to anyone and I don't understand love yet I guess i'm too young.

  • Hey bro, yeah I have read that before, gotta love lifehack. Whoever your partner is you can tell them things you have never told anyone. If your not social then try to be. Do activitys. It sounds like you really have no one to talk to, I mean s*** you and me can talk anytime but to hang out and interact with them and trust them is the best feeling

  • Good point I noticed i do have no one to talk to I should probably make some friends but I'm going to high school next year and i plan to focus completely on studying no distractions. But anyway, after high school comes college so i guess I'll be even more busy but whatever I'm sure I'll make a few friends on the way. I mean when i first entered preparatory school i didn't want any friends either but throughout the year i guess i changed and started socializing and s*** but anyway thanks for caring enough to read this and thanks for the advice bye.

  • Oh s*** not use proper English around any of your classmates

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