I am the absolute image of impatient

Alright, I'm 13 years old and really want that Animal Crossing DS game, like, so so bad, enough that I saved up 30 bucks for it. I asked my dad if he could do the Amazon transaction for me, and he did--BUT HE GOT THE USED ONE THAT WOULD TAKE NINE DAYS TO GET HERE! I hated that. I couldn't do that long without my money and without my game. So, uh....

He went for her walk this morning, and I hacked into his Amazon account, cancelled the nine-day order, purchased the NEW game, set it to one-day shipping, deleted both 'your order has shipped do ya wanna track it' emails and deleted the history.

I am the world's shittiest son, but hey, I get to play Animal Crossing.

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  • This is why I cumon her face

  • C** dump

  • So go get something for your dad to beat you with and confess to him and request strict punishment and supervision. Lots of extra chores.

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