I Hate Being a Wife & Mother Sometimes

Don't get me wrong I love my husband and my children. But I'm tired of being the maid or the ** doll. I spend so much time taking care of everyone else when I do have down time I just sit and think now who takes care of me. I clean up they rip it right back down and of course my husband is oblivious to what the kids are doing. So I leave and come home to a ** up house. Sometimes I'm so emotionally drained I just leave the house dirty and get in the bed. I have often tried to talk my spouse into taking a vacation but he claims to not see the reason for one. Honestly I just need a break away from my children. Out of the 6 years the I have been a mom I have literally never spent a full two days at from them. I don't care if it's just laying in a hotel room somewhere just to get some peace. I guess I'm just going to have to go somewhere on my own. He won't like it but enough is enough.

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  • I don't have children,for a reason.My partner is enough of a child,for me lol

  • Right,ship your children off to any member of your family,if you have any.Don't clean the home.Pack a holiday case and take yourself on a holiday,whilst your husband is at work!! Let him know when you've reached your destination,that you've gone on holiday for a few days,because you've had enough of all the ** going on,at home!! Your were

  • You took ** now live with it

  • **!!!

  • Put on a strap-on and make him the ** doll.

  • Make it clear to husband that as the ** doll you don't clean. His responsibility.

    Or you can be the cleaner but as the cleaner you are the cleaner and not the ** doll.

    His choice ** or no **. Put it in those terms, let him make the decision. That way he feels like he is in control and all manly. You get the idea.

  • Hah no ** equals him ** somebody else using ** as leverage is really dumb for you if he has any self respect

  • Not so. But do read the whole post. If she just freezes him out and no ** then hardly suprising he will go elsewhere for **. She needs to have some self respect. Self confidence. Self value. Get the guys attention. Flirt. Dress to arouse his interest. When he's interested have the discussion. Want this to continue then pull your weight

  • You don't think soo try it ur self then see what happens lolol

  • Girl! Parenting is a tough work. But there is also something that you have to have and that is balance. And that is not easy to attain. Even without kids, it's still easy to neglect ones own needs. Pack up your bags and grab a friend and get out of dodge for a long weekends. If your parents or in-laws are around, maybe they would like to watch the kids. You deserve a break. Sorry, your husband is a moron.. who does not see a reason for a vacation? Is he human? I get that sometimes it can be costly. But you know what, it helps to recharge and decompress. He can watch the kids. He's an adult, he can figure it out. Even if it means them eating pizza or fast food for two days. You figure something out and GO!

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