C** in my sister n laws drink

It was 2 thanksgivings ago and it was our turn to host thanksgiving dinner that year, my wife got up too cook dinner and I knew my wife's sister and others were coming over, so all month long I was so excited cause I always had been attracted to my wife's sister, she was 28 at the time and still extremely sexy and her body was amazing with zero kids so she was still in tip top shape, I used to dream of f***ing her or just even blowing a load in her mouth and watching her swallow it. So that month I set up a perfect plan, I would buy a whole lot of eggnog, mix some of the cartons with liquor for the thanksgiving dinner and secretly leave a carton hidden in the basement fridge for me to c** in over & over all month long to feed it too my sister n law on thanksgiving. So as the month went on I blew 7 loads in that eggnog and kept it hidden in the basement fridge. Thanksgiving cake along and everyone was showing up for dinner, my sister n law arrives at our house around 2:30 pm and as I open the door to greet her with a hug I notice a man behind her & he walks in with her and she says to me " this is my boyfriend Mike ". I shook his hand introduced myself and said welcome, and then I toon there coats and hung Em in the closet, as I walk to the living room I ask everyone do they want a drink, a few of the men ask for a beer so I proceed to get that, my sister n law asks do I have any liquor and I say no but I got some eggnog that I mixed with liquor instead, she says " that'll be fine " and I get extra excited inside and also a little scared because I'm about to watch my sister n law drink my c** right in front of me my wife the rest of the family & her boyfriend, I run downstairs I grab a hand full of beers then I take Eggnog with c** in it and bring it upstairs to the kitchen, I shake it up and poor a glass for her and out the carton in the kitchen fridge, I feel myself getting nervous so I take 3 deep breathes and calm down just enough to not seem suspicious, I take the beers to the living room hand them out and I give the glass of eggnog and c** to my sister n law. I then sit down and spark up a conversation with her boyfriend about work and the usual stuff, as I'm talking to her boyfriend I notice that my sister n law takes her first sip of the eggnog & c** drink. She licks her lips and looks at the glass and she starts to give this nasty look, she cuts me off the conversation me and her boyfriend was having and says " what's in this drink? "... I instantly got scared and said " oh I mixed it with patron the brown kind "... She looks at the glass and says omg I hate patron that's why it taste funny. So I say I'm sorry that's all we have, you water or soda or somethings like that instead? She says no it's ok I'll fight threw the taste, it's thanksgiving and I kind of want some liquor today since I don't have work tomorrow so this will do if it's the only liquor you have. So I say ok and continue to talk to her boyfriend and also at the same time I'm enjoying the sight of watching my sister n law gulp down my sperm right In front of me as her boyfriend sits right next to her. She finishes her glass about 20 minutes later and she asks for more, I get up to her more and as I come back I see her kiss her boyfriend on the lips, just a quick peck ( an i love you ) kiss mainly but still it got me extra excited to know that her boyfriend doesn't know that my c** is on her lips and in her mouth. So as the night goes on we eat and talk and I keep enjoying my sister n law drinking my c** over and over with every sip. I started to get so turned on that I just had to j*** off so I went to the bathroom and I still had my beer in my hand, I dumped out all of the beer rinsed it out and started to j*** off at the thought of my sister n law drinking my c** all night and the I blew another load in the beer can. I walked it over to the kitchen and hid it on top of the fridge, 20 minutes later I my sister n law asks for another glass I went to get her more and noticed it was only a little bit left, so I poored war was left into her glass and I took the fresh load of c** in the can and dumped it in her glass also, I noticed it was thick this time but still I took the glass too her anyway. As I handed her the glass I look over to notice that my mother n law had a glass of eggnog in her hand and so did my wife & her best friend from high school, that's when it hit me that's the reason why the carton got empty so quick. So my night got even more hot to see not just my sister n law but my wife, my mother n law and her friend drinking my c**. My sister n law starts drinking it her c** and since it was only a little left she gulps that glass and as she does that a littles drips out the corner of her mouth and she wipes it with her finger and licks it and says wow that glass was a little thick, was it the bottom of the carton or something? I said " yes maybe I should of shook it before " . ( this was the best thanksgiving of my life )

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