Cucked Again

My wife and I have been married for 30 years. In the early years my wife expressed an interest in having sexual experiences outside of our marriage. Over the next five years she had many experiences with both men and women (and often both at the same time).

At one point she “dated” the same guy for about two years and often spent the night with him, went on trips and brought others into their bedroom. The only gift she would give me was telling about some of these experiences while I pleasured myself. Every now and then she would allow me to eat her out and taste his c**, but that was it.

But that was a long time ago. Two or three times a year she will give me the gift of telling me a story she withheld from me, including that last year she spent a weekend in the same room with the “guy” during a friends wedding. Other than that our s** life is non-existent.

Our oldest child started college in October. The day he left for college my wife sat me down and told me that she wanted to spice up our s** life, which I was ecstatic to hear. She gave no details, but said she would communicate more soon.

Last week she went out of town on a business trip and left a letter for me on the kitchen counter with instructions to be at our favorite restaurant at 8pm on Friday night. I have to admit I got hard thinking about what was going to happen.

I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early and ordered a drink. About 8:05pm a gentleman approached the table and handed me a note:

“My dearest husband, tonight your life is going to change forever. You are going to experience things beyond your imagination. The gentleman who handed you this letter is a friend of mine named David. After the two of you finish dinner, he will take you to your next destination for the evening.”

David and I made small talk over dinner, but obviously my mind was on what would happen next. It didn’t take long to finish dinner and catch a cab to the next destination, which was a nice hotel downtown. The Bellman at the hotel greeted me by name and had the room key ready for me and told me I would be joined shorty. I thanked David for dinner and said goodbye.

Expecting that there would be s**, I decided to take a quick shower and then put on a robe. About 30 minutes later there was a knock at the door, which I expected to be my wife. Instead it was David with another note.

“My dearest husband, for the last 20 years I have dreamed about this day. Today you will become your true self and we’ll have the best s** life I could ever imagine.

I knew the first time you licked my boyfriends c** from my v***** that you were a true sissy and I love you for that. Today you take the next step. David has been f****** me for the last year and tonight he is going to f*** you while I watch. When he is done, you are to clean him with your tongue just like you used to do. Then you will grab your clothes and leave while David and I spend the rest of the weekend together. If you are a good sissy, I will keep some of David’s c** in a shot glass and bring it home for you.

By the way, everyone at the hotel knows that you are a sissy and you are getting your ass f***** tonight. Embrace it as soon everyone will know what you are. Remember, I love who you are and what you will become. I cannot wait for this next chapter on our life!”

I was so confused at this point. My mind was racing and I forgot that David was still in the room. He was now completely naked and I was staring at what really was a beautiful c***. Meanwhile, my c*** was not confused at all and was hard as a rock. David nodded downward and without even thinking I dropped to my knees and took his c*** in my mouth. A few minutes later I enjoyed c** firsthand for the first time.

David didn’t need much time to get hard again and about 15 minutes later he was sliding his c*** into my ass. I was so engrossed in what was happening that I didn’t realize that my wife was now in the room and watching.

After he came in my ass, I was dismissed and forced to leave. I didn’t see my wife again until late Sunday night. Instead of telling me what happened the rest of the weekend, together we watched the video she made of David f****** me while I drank his c** from a shot glass.

She was life changed forever.

Nov 23, 2019

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  • Just out of high school I had a cuckold couple wanting s** from me. I met her in a bar in Whittier [fake ID] and an hour later we were sitting in her car and she gave me a succulent b*******. We carried on the affair in motels, her car, my car, at the park, and the beach. She loved sucking my d*** and, when we could, we'd f*** our brains out. After each session, she'd lick me clean.

    Then, it was hubby's turn. She introduced us and he said he loved the idea of watching. But, from what I'd read about cuckolding, he probably wanted to suck my c*** and experience what his cute, eager wife was experiencing.
    For some reason, I really wanted to dominate him while she watched. I wanted to humiliate him in front of her I think, because I didn't respect sissies like him. I did have him get on his knees and start by licking my b****. Then I had him lick from my a*** to the tip of my erection [I straddled his face for that]. I let him get plenty of precum to taste before I really went at it giving him a throat f******. Wifey was beside herself with l***! She LOVED watching me dominate hubby and make him perform like a 15 year old wanton s***.

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