My Wife progression

My wife and I been married 28yrs. I was 23, she was 20. We were young and in love, and we still are 28yrs later. We've seen friends marriages come & go. We had 2 kids, they're grown and gone, starting their own lives. When I first met my wife, oh my, she was hot hot hot! Tube tops, lil daisy dukes, perky ass b****** nice round always erect nipples, and legs, she'd stop conversations when she entered a room! If She was painted gray men would try to land on her! As a young woman she dressed for herself and she had a great body, even though she wasn't a prude, she was a little conscience of her attributes. After a couple as the story goes she got pregnant and we started our family. The glam was gone her weight changed so did her confidence,. but her body was changing after she lost all that baby fat. Her legs were still awesome, her ass got a nice roundness and her body grew into this hot married wife! Whenever we made Love I'll tell her how hot she is and how it feels to be inside of her, and she loved it. It was a little while later I started to go shopping with her. I would tell her, ya know babe, you try on that dress or little outfit, she'd say, you could see my butt, where would I wear them out to? I said why don't you wear it for me when the kids are over your parents, and we'll play around, so she'd buy them, and of course sexy heels too. And we play around and I tell her to imagine some scenario and we'd play it out and have a great time. One time I purposely decided to push her a little. I turned up the fridge to 43, and said it wasn't cooling very well, and I might have to get someone to look at maybe. A couple days later, She got her parents to take the kids for a weekend, and I told her to put something sexy on and I'll be Home in an hour or so, and she said oh I've got something for you, and I said can't wait! I had called a Appliance repair for a scheduled appointment to look at the fridge but I didn't tell my wife, I knew she was going to be wearing a short skirt barely covering her ass, with dark hosiery and black heels and a white blouse that was practically sheer. So I hoped my timing was perfect so the repair guy would so up after she was dressed and had a drink to two. I wasn't hiding outside or anything like that, I knew she'd answer the door when she saw the service truck and call me, so that's what happened. She said I'm not properly dressed, I said its ok he's just going to look at it pretty quick and call me with what it needs( yea look at it indeed!), and I'm pretty sure he knows what she'll need! So reluctantly answers the door, and the guy says he's there to kook at the fridge, she told me, ok my Husband called you guys but he's not here so I just called him and he said this won't be long, and he followed her into the kitchen. She said she could feel his eyes on her ass, and he opened the fridge door and took out a measuring device of some sorts she said as he explained what he was doing. She asked him would he like a coke or some water, and said a coke is cool, so she got a glass by the pantry, and she said his eyes were following her as she moved around the room, she then walked over to wearing he was kneeling, and put the glass against the ice dispenser, and she said excuse me, and said, you look great, are you going out or are you back from work, she laughed, no I'm going out later with my girlfriends. And she poured the coke and handed it to him, and she said he checking her out. She sid she could feel her pulse racing, and the whole scene made her super h****. A minutes later, he said ok, I got what I need for my report, I appreciate the coke Mrs., the office will call your husband, thanks a lot have a great time tonight, bye. About 10 minutes I pulled in the driveway and she had a drink in both hands, one for me and one for her, and she told me the whole episode. I knew it got her wet and h****, but little by little I was inching her out the door wearing sexy revealing outfits, and giving her the confidence to wear whatever she wanted. Either for me or herself, how she enjoyed the attention she got, and how it excited men and even some women when she was out with her girlfriends or on business or whenever we went out or away on vacation. You just can't turn on a switch with women. Give them confidence, tell them they're sexy hot and desirable. Keep them safe, but gently coax them along, if you don't love one another its not going to work. You have to have a understanding, nobody can predict whatever feelings may be displayed, sensual erotic, or anger. good luck will post again!

Apr 22, 2020

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  • Her training started pretty much as soon as we were married.

    I would encourage her to wear short skirts. We would go shopping together, a activity she enjoyed, but the only thing we would try on were short dresses and skirts.

    Another thing I would do is to run my hand up her leg while she was driving or if we were seated beside each other at dinner. I told her that she must not resist me and that she should leave her legs apart. Likewise, if we were say standing or sitting with me behind her, that I would put my arms around her and feel her b****** or run my hands up under her skirt. If she tried to pull away or cringe or resist, I wwhisper in her ear that she was not to resist her husband. I would do this in public and she would be very uncomfortable and would also feel my h****** pressed into her back.

  • Satan already got to them

  • Talk to God, He can help you son. Don't let Satan in your home.

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