My brother in law touched me

About a year ago I stayed at my sisters house, Her husband has always been a nice guy and we always get along great, We all got drunk and I went to sleep on the couch, I was feeling a bit "frisky" so I quietly started playing with myself, I had pulled my shorts off and tossed them on the floor and had the covers under my legs, All of a sudden heard foot steps, I froze hoping it was dark enough that no one would see me, I had my hand on my inner thigh but had my knees spread, my heart was beating fast and I hoped who ever it was would just keep going, The foot steps stopped and to my horror I heard my brother in law mumble "Mmm, wow", I hoped he would just go away but he walked up to me, Stood there for a couple seconds then as I peeked out of one eye I watched him lean over and look at my s*****, Being drunk and stupid I just laid there hoping he would leave but he reached down and put his hand on my s*****, he just rubbed it a couple times then reached up, Pulled my tank top down and squeezed my b***, He pinched my nipple a bit then walked away, He went into the bathroom and I quickly pulled the covers up.
When he went back to bed he stumbled past me and never even looked my direction, I put my shorts back on and laid there wanting to cry but didn't, In the morning he acted totally normal and I have been alone with him since and slept at their house after drinking, I am a very light sleeper and nothing like that has ever happened again, He has never been a pig before or since.
Is it possible he was too drunk to remember or is he just a disgusting pervert?.

Aug 5, 2016

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  • My brother in law started when I was the age of 13. He lived with my mama and daddy along with my older sister. They were married and had a baby. I was playing with the baby and he pulls his shorts up to reveal himself. He constantly would touch me and say stuff that was perverted. It didn’t stop until I stopped going around. So right now I don’t go around my sister or my niece and nephew. I brought it to there attention but they only said it was best that Me and my kids didn’t go over there. I’m good with that but you never know when he will or is doing to his grandkids or there friends. His name is Barry Lee Greer. He lives on Turk Rd in Bethlehem, Ga. I just feel really bad about him doing me this way because of him being married to my sister. I told my sister and she cussed him out and said he never would do it again when I was young but he never stopped. Like I said it never stopped but it is out in the open now.

  • A pervert would have pulled out his member and kept touching you until either he finished or there was a fear of you waking up. The fact he gave a quick feel and stopped says not a pervert just couldn't help himself. You would likely be able to tell if he remembers he would behave and look at you differently, either guilty avoiding eye contact or that gaze of how hot it was and now can't stop looking at you.

  • As far as being a pervert I would say no. He's a guy and like most probably has a sister fantasy unless unattractive which I would assume your not based on his actions. Probably not something he would do sober but easy for a drunken mind to to allow him to do it.
    In his drunken state the sight of you and the fantasy was probably very overwhelming and the alcohol told his brain Your asleep you'll never know (no harm, no foul).

  • Never would I say it was your fault or that you were asking for it, touching without consent is wrong drunk or not. However there must have a thrill to some degree, maybe not to be touched but at least being seen by the fact you say you didn't close your legs and left yourself fully exposed.

  • As if, Never gotten h**** before outside of the perfect situation, In your bedroom, door locked, no one else home, i'm sure i'm not the only person to ever do it or the only one to ever get caught for that matter, I just wanted to know if he is not as good of a guy as he has always seemed, Maybe its not a big deal that he did it and maybe it was my fault, it definitely didn't turn me on and I didn't ask for it, Is it even possible that he doesn't remember it?

  • By what I read it sounds like it didn't really bother you, probably turned on by it. Getting drunk with your sister and BIL and felt like masturbating? And not in a room with a closed door, didn't attempt to cover up or roll over when you heard footsteps or pretended to wake when he touched you? You enjoyed it but now feel guilty because it's your sister's husband

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