Photoshoot? i think i was tricked

Ok so i traveled along way this weekend for what i thought was a modelling shoot and that i was going to get paid, turned out it was a casting, the guy took plenty clothed photos of me with his friend and then it went into his wardroom and chose what i thought was confitable as i was rather dissapointed in not getting paid, so after putting on what i wanted, they informed me i should change into something the current market demanded, so that changed in lingie, stocking, suspender belts coreset etc, then i was inform that inwould have to wait and would only get paid a little amount for these pictures, as the photgrapher friend left he said i could move up the list if i was willing to motivate him... yes you guessed it! i then had s** with him, i admit being dressed up like that i did feel sexy and rather frisky, but this guy was in his mid 40s id say and im only 18, but i let him f*** me, without a condom and now i know he basicly tricked me and made me a w**** as he paid me an extra 50quid for being a good sport, i doubt i will here from him again and after my train fair i only made 40quid, still the s** was rather good, xxxx

Aug 7, 2016

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  • The world is filled with so-called "model photographers" like this. Penny a dozen. A few of my younger, hot, female friends have also fallen prey to it, as did a young, very beautiful and hot, girl who worked for me for awhile. In her case, it was bikini shots on a car (could the guy be any more boring and typical?), some close-up face shots, then...He wanted her naked.

    She agreed, as he told her he'd pay $500, but of course..Once she was naked, he made his move and had at her on the studio couch. She admitted it all to me. Said regretted it, and only saw $150 of the money.

    Another bartender friend got hit up for "model shots", but at least picked up on the guy's obvious desire to have her naked, with no intention of going to any modeling agency.

  • What was outfit he f***** you in?

  • Love it

  • Yes im sorry to say you are a w****

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