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I have s** with men for money. Yes I am a male, no I am not gay. I am 22 years old and kind of small for a guy. Slim and not bragging but very good looking. I have a girlfriend and have never had any problems in the dating world.
I graduated high school and family finances were not good. I told my parents I would take a year and work, save money and go to college later. At the time I had like three part time jobs. One of them was working the night desk at a dump motel. Drugs, prostitutes and bums all night long.
one night a guy checking in was too chatty and clearly hitting on me. As he left for his room he said "if you change your mind, stop by my room later and you could get some cash". I had NEVER thought of having s** for money, let alone with a guy. But there I was sucking up minimum wage and actually wondered "how much could I get"? I hung a sign on the office door saying lunch be back in 30 minutes. I walked around the side of the building to his room and knocked on the door. He was very happy to see me. After a brief discussion he offered me $100 if I would suck his d***. I explained I had never done this before and it seemed to only excite him. So I did it. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought until the end when he came in my mouth. He held his d*** in my mouth and insisted I swallow. I made more money from him than I did from the hotel that night.
After it was kind of like a light bulb came on in my head. This could be a money maker. Now that I knew what I was looking for the hotel became a major source of income. Several guys started coming to the hotel just for me. But it wasn't long before blow jobs were not enough and the guys were asking for a*** s**. Again, for more money, I did it. And I have done it ever since with people I now call "clients". And for much more money.
I am starting my 3rd year of college next week. I am completely debt free. Car, rent, college all up to date a paid for.
I intend to keep seeing clients for a year or so after college is done. A paid for house would be a great start!

9 days

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  • Over the last couple of years in this TERRIBLE economy I have had s** with men. Only as a top though. I am good looking, tall and muscular. Thought I could make some cash on an escort website. Instead of women hitting me up, it ended up being men. Men wanting to pay me to let them suck my c*** and f*** them in the ass. So yes I have done it for money.

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