I need some advice, please

I was with my cousin in a hotel in california and it was like 4 am in the morning. there was a public terrace for everyone to smoke or just chill in that always open. So he texted me to meet up with him so we could smoke weed and get high. to make it clear, we kissed a couple times so we were sort of romantic. but that night, it got too cold and we started walking around the hotel, pressing random buttons on the elevator and checking out each level while beig half high and happy. so he stopped at a level and i sort of put my head on his thigh. suddenly, i feel his hand going under my pants and slowly to my p****. i didnt stop him because i got too weak. but i rememeber not wanting it. i didnt want s**. suddenly, after feeling how wet i am, he pushes my pants down and climbs on me but he rubs his d*** on my p****. i didnt stop him and i was basically paralyzed. he didnt f*** me though. he rubbed on me and finally came all over the carpet. half way through it, his d*** slipped in me and thats when it hit me that im really scared that im losing my virginity. quickly i push him away but he apologizes and sets me back down. i tell him i dont want anymore but he doesnt stop. i layed back as he kept rubbing. so im scared and i just want someone to tell me if it was rape or not because im too afraid to meet the truth. the problem is, we did it more but i kept feeling like i was pressured because i tell him no and after smoking weed and getting high, he starts touchig me. and i keep saying no half way through it but he doesnt stop or listen to me. Pls keep in mind that all he kepy doing was rub his d*** on me and he swears that he doesnt c** on me.

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  • I'm not judgemental.
    But, I believe that if you don't stop him you're enabling him. You said no but doesn'the stick to it nor refuses situationso that lead to it.
    You don't acept/agree to s** because somehow you feel afraid to accept the s**... why? Only you know.
    Be honest to yourself.... if you really want to stop it.... then stop it, close the chapter, move on and stop looking for danger situations. You already know how he moves to take you there.
    But.... if you want the s**, open up, let it be, enjoy yourself.... you might ended liking it real good or not liking at all and doing the closure. Think about your future and you future partner.... most likely you will have intimacy problems.
    My honest advice.

  • I call bullshit on this confession!

  • I would say that what he's doing is wrong...and he's definitely taking advantage of you. I am not sure about calling it rape. I think some people would. You need to be more forceful in saying no and not letting him even start doing that stuff. Why are you letting him do it if you don't want him to do it? I personally think it would be messed up for him to be accused of rape though when you're letting him do it. Is he actually FORCING you? If he's forcing you, then yes its rape. Otherwise its kind of a gray area. And, this is coming from a girl who feels like she was taken advantage of when I lost my virginity. I didn't necessarily want it, or I was at least unsure but Iet it happen. I just went with it. It wasn't rape. He might be telling himself that you like it and honestly kinda does have reason to believe you might if you keep letting him do it. Hes making a mistake and you need to be clear.

  • Whenever we sit and talk, i would tell him that we dont do anything sexual. he agrees and after a while when we get comfortable, he would start to persuade me by touching me just to turn me on. i would be weak enough for him to slip his fingers in, then i would say no! and he would say "are you sure? "and keep touching. i dont think you understand but.... we agreed and i said no and suddenly i felt like i was weak. these arent excuses but i couldve stopped it in a better way. i know that. i get flash backs. i would say " okay now please stop" and try to get up the floor but he sets me back down until he finished. & i wasnt even moaning, all i thought was that it didnt feel good & i want to leave or just uninterested. i think i suddenly turned numb too. if that makes sense. the same thing happened again. same agreements and i bluntly said no in my text & he said okay. then after we get high, his same actions would repeat. i dont know if he knows what he did & i dont want to speak to him because he would blame me.... at the end, he took advantage of me. i was a s** object, obviously, but he doesnt admit it because you are right. the thought of that would mess up his life. at the end, i was high, half naked, and on the floor of a hotel's hallway. . i didnt even know it was rape or whatever it is until a week ago when my flash backs started. before that, i was just...confused. please reply back

  • That all happened 2 weeks ago and 2 times

  • Penetration without consent amounted to rape. No 2 ways about it.

  • I would think rubbing his manhood would qualify as saying "YES"

  • Whats ur problem he got h**** no crime in that dont you know that a standing p**** has no concience

  • Chill honey, you were both high so what are you going to say, "I said no". No one will believe you.

  • That is rape

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