I grew up being very embarrassed that I wet the bed every night and had to manage it by wearing a diaper to bed. I lived in fear of anyone finding out and in fear of my older brother who regularly threatened me he would relay my secret to my friends. I also had a noisy plastic mattress cover on my bed for the one or two times a week my diapers just couldn’t hold all my wetting. I actually tried to pretend it was a total secret even though when we would visit relatives or friends of my parents I would always have an assigned bed that had been prepared in advance with plastic under the sheets. I knew they all knew I was a bedwetter and even an occasional pants wetter. I always wore thicker cloth training type underwear or 2 or 3 briefs with a pair of plastic pants during the day to handle leaking problems.
When I was 12 a good friend was in my room (something I tried to avoid) and sat down on my bed and said why do you have plastic on your bed, then paused and said, oh I know why. I had no where to hide and my beat red face told him everything. I thought well let’s see if he’s really a good friend. He didn’t say another thing about it and am quite sure he never said anything to anyone else. I decided to ask him to spend the night, since he was the one friend that knew I was a bedwetter. I thought I’d not bring up the fact my mom still pinned me in a thick diaper and plastic pants for bed at night. This became a regular routine as Bob would come over many weekends and sleep on the floor in my room as I actually had my own tv I had bought with paper route money. I think I was 13-14 one night when he was taking a shower (by this time I was diapering myself) I was in the process of pinning on my diaper when he suddenly came into my room. I was totally embarrassed when this happened and in a very mature way he said, hey don’t worry about it I’ve known you’ve been in a nightime diaper for along time. I was stunned he even knew this but was enormously relieved to know he knew this but it had zero impact on our friendship. He never mentioned it again and from then on I just treated him like one of my brothers. My older brother said one day “maybe I’ll tell Bob you still wear diapers” and of course I said Bob knows, and doesnt care! We were friends throughout of college years, then our lives separated. I always cherished our friendship.

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  • I grew up in the 60's and 70's. I don't think people understood bedwetting back then like they do now. There were no Goodnites or other products that I know of. When I was 7, my step dad, after threatening for weeks, put a diaper and rubber pants on me. He thought I was just lazy and doing it on purpose. I kind of understand now because I did still have a lot of daytime accidents. It was humiliating and he even brought the neighbors kids in to see me in a diaper. My mom divorced him, but by then I was used to it, so I still wore diapers at night until I was almost 16. My mom was a lot more understanding about it though.

  • Hay man I feel for you. I too had a plastic sheet and wore diapers and in those days no disposables so cotton diapers and plastic pants. I think the difference being that I did not feel that same fear. I was careful and at time embarrassed and worried and I did feel so like what is wrong with me and I would cry my eyes out when I was on my own. But no one every teased me about it. OS my heart goes out to you man.

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