Am I wrong?

So about a year ago I found out I was attracted to girls and I even fell in love with one but that's a whole other story. Now I'm dating a girl, but it's long distance relationship and I honestly feel like I'm slipping from that faze of wanting girls. I think now that I'm going to a new school and a lot of things are changing I'm kinda slipping out of that faze. Even though I still really care about her should we break up? Or should I keep her until I'm really sure of what I want.

Aug 12, 2016

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  • Listen to your intuition. Follow your gut instinct. What do you feel you need to do? Do you love her? Do you like her? Are there other people catching your interest? I suggest going to see her and figuring out the feelings for yourself.

  • When you get a big c*** you wil change then leave the girl behind

  • You could of course be bi/pansexual which means that you can be attracted to both/any gender which there is nothing wrong with. I am confused by the fact that you still seem to care for this girl and yet you might dump her simply because you are losing interest in other girls. What matters are your feelings towards her.

  • If you enloy her keep her until u decide what u want then dump her if ur sure u want men

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