I enjoy exposing myself

I have always like to see others seeing up my dress or skirt or looking down my blouse. I ride the train to downtown and saw this guy trying to back to see what he could see, I uncrossed my legs letting him see up which I was in black panties, the next he was in the same seat I had worn bright red undies on purpose and he looked right up, the next day I wore some shocking yellow ones and he was all over looking back at me. On the fourth day I saw him sitting in the last row with none next to him so I sat next to him he wasted no time touching my leg then slowly pulling my hem up. I was wearing these light blue undies and when saw them he went right for it and slipped his fingers under the hem by my thighs, I let him feel me up. I feel so slutty but I am enjoying it. Tomorrow no panties!!

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  • You are not alone. I too exposed myself when I was younger. It was a hunger I couldn't control. I wanted more and more people to see all of me.

    Now age has me. I no longer expose myself. Sometimes I just want to go outside and streak. Knowing it's illegal; I don't do that.

    Being naked for me is freedom. From tight fitting clothes and break through the overly lawed sociaity.

    I wish I could go back in time. When exposing myself is when I felt good about myself.

    So I had to go the "normal" route. Be more modest and don't show all of me. And to this day, I still hate myself for not being true to my inner self.

    I'm an ex-exhibitionist and I'm proud of being on that shows all. Thankful for nude beaches.

  • I would love to hear about the next time. email me at duit4meplz@yahoo.com

  • I have several boxes wrapped in brown paper. When we have a very windy day, I put on a short flowing skirt and some panties that are very shear and don't cover much anyway. I walk around down town carrying the boxes, and what can I do when the wind blows my skirt up and gives everyone an eye full?

  • Love it, will have to try it out in Downtown Dallas

  • I do something similar, I have big t*** I wear a blouse with no bra and if I like the look of someone male or female, I unbutton several button and pretend to be asleep with my t*** on view

  • I like to go shoe shopping with no panties and allow my legs to be open for sales guy, I have gotten some good discounts

  • You sound lovely

  • Thank you

  • Interesting

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