To the man I'll never tell...

I'll never tell you how much I love you
I'll never tell you how I love the way you laugh, or how you never fail to make me laugh.
I'll never tell you your passion for flying is incredibly sexy.
I'll never tell you how safe I feel in your arms and how soft and warm you are.
I'll never tell you how you've set me free, my heart was broken and I thought I would never love again until you taught me.
I'll never tell you any of this because we know you don't feel the same
I'll never tell you to stop telling me how you feel about other men. Although I don't understand being gay I know what its like to be alone and I know you can only tell me.
I'll never tell you how much power you have over my emotions, its unhealthy I know but I don't know how else to cope with it.
We have to be just friends and I'm too greedy

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  • You need to move past this gay guy ASAP! He will hurt you.....

  • Stalker much? LOL MOVE ON. If someone wants you they'll be with you. If they "set you free" they don't want your asss

  • Troll much?

  • No.

  • Lovn a*** hole not good

  • Hope my gf didn't write this

  • Arshole dont go there its for s******* only

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