Done with guys my age

OMG! I'm done with guys my age! They're so immature and never want s**.
I'm 19 never had a bf and the only thing guys my age want to do is game.
I joined a hookup app and since I changed my preferences to men 30-45 it's been totally dope!
The first guy was 37, married but wife was out of town. He instantly asked for s** and I agreed. He pounded me proper.

Jan 25

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  • Haha! This BS is so obviously fake, yet the comments are full of idiots who buy it simply because they're so h**** they want it to be true. :P

  • Smart move. These days the guys your age are immature and really useless.

    I’m 47 and I only hook up with women 22 to 29.

  • You know, it's so funny. I could say the exact same thing about you. You don't realize how disgusting of a person you are. Whores like you are the reason guys don't want to deal with you. Women deserve every ounce of suffering they bring to themselves.

  • Same here. f/23. Guys my age suck! Currently engaged to a 39 year old guy & getting married this April.

  • Im in same situation but have not wandered off. Which hookup app do you use?

  • Same here! I'm 21 and dating a 47 year old guy.

  • That's hot!
    Where are you located dear?
    Wish you were near by DC!

  • I am 59 and I just married a 28 year old and she says the same thing. She loves s** and we are great swingers and she does everything sexual.

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