Will i go there?

I am laying in bed for what feels like the 100th time this year next to my best friend whos a guy. hes sleeping. hes got a girlfriend and i think i am in love with him.

he tried to kiss me 2 years ago but i had a boyfriend so i had to resist and things were awkward for a while... it almost ended our friendship but thankfully we got through it.

my relationship ended 3 months ago. i had feelings for him ever since the kiss. i feel every time he touches me. on the shoulder or brushes off my hand by accident. its like an electric shock im so aware.

me and shay (my best friend) grew up together. he has a girlfriend for the past 6 months and she wants him to see less and less of me.

i found this site as i just had to tell somebody. hes so close to me i can feel his breath. its torture. what will i do?

Aug 24, 2016

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  • Have s** with him.

  • I have a simple question, if he has a girlfriend why are you the one in his bed for the 100th time this year? I think he would dump her for you but make sure you love him and it's not just your need to "beat out" the girlfriend.

  • Stick your hand down his pants if he is sleeping next to you. He won't be able to resist when you keep massaging him. Then go from there. Or if you're actually in love then just say it in words.

  • Put ur finger up his ass take down suck if its sweet u lov him

  • Lie close can u feel anything between his legs if yes ask him to let u see it

  • Tell him to rim ur assh...

  • He loves to rim my ass

  • Cop on he wants two p******

  • Fine he can have mine anytime

  • If you're hot, and he's a normal guy, you could probably get laid right now.....

  • Hes not normal hes bent gs a bicycle wheel

  • Tell him. He kissed you for a reason

  • Yes he kissed me because he wanted to f*** me

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