Im at his mercy!

I am in such messy situation atm! so iv been with my bf now for 2years im 20 and hes 26 and secretly his friend if f****** me, use me whenever he wants and however he wants and im letting him, whats worse? as much as i want it to stop! i really dont because he can be the best s** ever and make my body do things i never knew it could,
his friend is even older than my boyfriend, hes 32 i think, bigger and very head strong, he controls me and has been for last few months, ihave let him do things to me stuff that i have never let my bf do, a few examples, few times a week my bf will pick him up on way home from work, and while my bf showers and changes, his friend drags me into the kitchen, some times he pulls me down to my knees to give him head, sometime he picks me up and wanks his d*** between my t***, and other times bends me over and f**** me.
when hes been out with my bf hes got him drunk so much hes passed out, hes brought him home to me, dropped him into our bed, took me down stairs and f***** me downstairs while by bf is sleeping, one time while out with my bf he saw what i was wearing and when up at the bar he grunted at me that he wanted to f*** me in what i was wearing, to my shame he did, 20mims later in the bathroom,
it may be degrading and yea i am a totel w****, but he has control of me, if i were to break up with my bf he would then have me all the time, he insistes that when my inplant is due out im not to have another put in! hea nasty scum but he is the only person to ever make me c**!


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  • Most confessions like this include a loving spouse/significant other and a secret lover they can't stop cheating with. Here's the thing about cheating... 99 percent of the time it's always physically better than your spouse/significant other because it's forbidden, exciting, fleeting and there is no commitment or respect for each other as a person. Between the two of you, you are sexual play things and no person you love can compete with that. The trouble is that every cheater eventually slips up or, worse yet, attempts to leave their loved one for the good s** only to find out it doesn't work when yoy change the dynamic. If you truly love your significant other the cheating has to end or you find yourself alone when it's most important.

  • What was the outfit he wanted you in?

  • I was wearing red dress, wetlook leggings and leather jacket, he ripped a hole in the crotch to f*** me

  • Did he c** in you?

  • Just keep f****** him. I waited till my friend divorced his wife, till i slept with her. She was an excellent lay. My only regret is that I didn't sleep with her sooner. She told me she wanted me while they were together.

  • Yea i dont want to leave my bf but can i really have best both?

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