I'm Morbidly Obese

I'm 19, 5 foot 8, and weigh 342 pounds. I eat constantly, snack on and off throughout the day and usually have four full meals. I have a sedentary office job and when I'm at school I'm a full time student. Most of the people in my family are obese. I have a busy life and don't feel like exercising in my free time. My boss gave me a ride home from work today and we almost couldn't buckle me in. I'm probably not going to lose weight. Outside of my appearance Everytime I go to the doctor, all my stats are good. I love food and have a girlfriend (Shes weighs 316).

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  • What kind of f****** doctor would tell u ur good to go

  • Outside of the weight, I don't have any health problems. My livers fine, I have good blood sugar levels, and good blood pressure. I don't have to take any medicine and am otherwise unaffected by my weight.

  • Ok say all those thing are ok will they stay that way and u have to think ur heart ur joint ur muscles are literally going double time of a person of normal weight

  • I was bigger, and in some cars (particularity domestic cars) I had a hard time getting the seat belt done up...worse on the passenger side for some reason. Very embarrassing. Listen, I don't like to exercise, and I don't want to make time to do so either. But I had to do something. So, I cut calories. I used an app to calorie count. I dropped a good amount of weight in under a year. I am not skinny by any means now, but life is just so much easier. My back, knees and ankles don't hurt anymore. I can get in and out of anywhere I need. Seat belts and chairs don't pose an issue anymore. It really wasn't hard at all, and it worked. I feel I have more of a life now. I enjoy my life more now.

    Please try.

  • I have no desire to be mean to you or feel bad for you. But the not being able to get he seat belt done up is seriously an problem.

  • U must eat lik a pig ur gf must b a pig

  • Oh what can i say how many times a day do u crap and what about gf you 2 must go through alot of toilet paper

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