Promises not kept

I don't know why I keep getting my sons hopes up every time his dope addicted father calls and promises he's going to buy him sneakers or take him somewhere. It's been 4 years, and my ex hasn't done 1 f@cking thing he promised him. Now I feel bad, cause I keep telling my son these plans for them to not only fall thru but the ex doesn't even call to say why. I will never allow that to happen again. No more broken promises and constant disappointments from a j*** who promises very little and can't deliver anything, not even a damn letter once in awhile. Bye Felicia!

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  • U should never have let that man ride u bareback then hed have no kids in future give ur ass they should b happy with that

  • They dont want my ass they want p....

  • ^^^^^ crude

  • Nobody keeps promises i promised brothers wife id pull out i did when she had every drop got now she has 4 year old son and i hav a smile back to my ears

  • ^^^^^ typical welfare riding scum

  • The saddest part is that your son is the one that ultimately suffers. Because good or bad that relationship is an important one in his life. But covering for this guy is unfair to you. Hopefully, he has other positive male role models in his life. And maybe one day, the father will get his act together and can really be there for his son. But keeping an addict away from him is a good idea.

  • I agree, the problem is, my ex always lies and says he's clean, but I can tell by actions that's he's not. Thank you for your advice

  • He is big and i like that

  • Stop hijacking this post sick b******

  • Thank you

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