Everytime I get my period I wanna die. It hurts so bad I can't find any relief no matter what. I'm afraid ill never be able to hold a job because ill get fired for calling in sick so much. I'm afraid ill never be able to be independant and ill always have to depend on my husband. I'm so worried for my future

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  • You can also start getting the depo shot. It completely ends your periods, but you have to make sure you keep current. The shots really don't hurt that bad, and it's much easier than trying to keep up with the pill.

  • I hear lots of s** can relieve some symptoms. At least for 9 months. Need any help with that?

  • You guys rock! Thank you! I'm afraid of medicine. Can you really get a doctors for every month it happens without being fired?

  • Try birth control. That's what I had to do and it's working out pretty well.

  • I would get a doctors note. I have the same thing it sucks, i get paranoid, i actually was fired last year for calling in sick, but i stopped giving a s***. a friend told me to get a doctors note. I went to the GYN and i got my note so when to call out, i just dont get paid which is fine to me. Also i changed my food and i found relief a little, also Excerdin Migraine works best for me, i dont like hard pills they make it worse. I stopped soda, chips, unhealthy snacks, most processed foods and it helps. i still chocolate and stuff but no where near as much. also lots of water. I suffered so much and its better now. Hope this helps.

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