Im sorry friend

Im sorry friend I messed up so we were in the basement and she wanted to watch p*** so we did and we masturbated ps 13 and then when we were done masterbating her b**** hurt after word because the blood rushing from the nips and she was really hurting and I asked if I could help I was thinking some pain killer and then she said do you whant under or over I said under then she grabed my hand and stuffed it under her shirt and I started massageing and she liked it so we watched some more and masterbated some more and then we left her house ps her g partents were up stairs then she told some fam then her g pa is p***** so now I have to talk to him or else h*** tell my parents I need to talk to him this week or else. im so f***** DAMN IT lord please for give me I messed up I love you lord please for give me and help me IM SO SORRY I wasn't thinking y don't you think man wtf.

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  • Please f*** up and go away

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