Makes sense i guess...

Hillary Clinton: has exposed government secrets, should be in jail, is a complete liar, is the definition of underhanded, but is still somehow running for president.

Trump: is considered racist, has the ‘wall’ meme, and looks funny.

Hillery > Trump

Seems legit… And people look at me weird when i say i didn't vote this year.



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  • Hey, snowflakes who are so proud they didn't vote: Still feeling self-righteous and edgy? You're no better than the sibling-f****** paint-chip-eating MAGATs, at least in intelligent people's eyes. Either grow up or prevent yourselves from ever voting again by stepping in front of a train.

  • Both scumbags in their own way, the question is who would do America the most good.

  • ^True s*** right there

  • Strange

  • So many people take offense to this XD It's hilarious to go through these comments.

  • Lol so true. I didn't vote either because both suck ass

  • David Petraeus intentionally gave out secrets and misused gov resources. He did not go to jail.

  • They're on the same team lol

  • Some confession...

  • Get over yourself

  • Shut up

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