Bye, Felicia!

Donald J. trump.............One-Term Wonder.

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  • Trump who????

  • Trump will f*** china if elected second time. Support him.

  • You ever seen how creepy Old Joe behaves around little girls? Absolutely f****** disgusting. I certainly would not want that f****** pedo in the White house along with his pedo buddies.

  • Trump is a rapist and a sexiest womanizer, like please explain

  • Creepy Uncle Joe the girl sniffer, has dementia so bad that he can't even put together a coherent sentence.

  • Read trumps tweets those are coherent sentences

  • I hope Trump stay president. You women need to be told what to do. You are like children.

  • The sooner Trump is replaced the better. He is doing nobody any favours with his selfish bully boy attitude.
    It's time he learned there are consequences for having an inflated ego and behaving badly.

  • Nobody Cares, at least Trump is a lot better than Pervert Biden who sexually harassed a underage girl.

  • Which sitting president really wants to bang his daughter? Take all the time you need.

  • No answer, it's so refreshing when QAnontards remain silent

  • If Biden is elected we will have the first pedo president arrested in the WH.

  • Only because Ivanka refuses to press charges

  • She was certainly NOTunderage. And she may not have actually been harassed.

  • Yes she was underage

  • Kissing his 12 year old granddaughter on the mouth makes him a sick pedo. Thats online look it up

  • I kissed my grandparents it's not weird not like he was making out with her

  • Fauxtards will use any excuse to pop off, whether or not their argument has legs. They just like to make noise.

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