When will Donald J. Trump run out of lies?

Jun 28, 2017

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  • The reason that all the Presidents lie, since J.F. Kennedy so the secret service won't kill them

  • People don’t want to admit they made a big horrible mistake when they voted for Frump.
    He will be recorded in history as the biggest con in history. He lost by about three million votes but because republicans have the districts gerrymandered, he got the stupid Electoral College votes.

  • It was never really a question of whether or not a successful businessman would take control of the world's most powerful country, only when that would happen. Whilst running a country may have parallels with running a business, the USA isn't just a business. When I see Trump sign another executive order,I'm reminded of Dylan Thomas' poem "The Hand That signed the paper" - "A hand rules pity as a hand rules heaven; Hands have no tears to flow".

  • Was there ever a POTUS who didnt lie to us? Or for that matter, has there ever been a politicians who was actually for the people? Trump or Clinton, either way we would be listening to bullshit lies right now.

  • The scale and number of lies now is truly psychotic. Yes, presidents sometimes have told some big lies, but not the daily and almost pathetic number of lies that Trump tells - a lot of them are just simply BS and couldn't be true in any universe. It is just ridiculous and embarrassing even to watch him let alone think that he has been put in a position of power - it's like watching your 5 year old lie and be incompetent.

  • LOL right russia your mortal enemy is endorsing trump all the way i wonder why.

  • Mortal enemy? What, are you stuck in the cold war? Russia has endorsed and had dealings with a lot of politician's. Including the Clinton's.

  • He's a d***. It's time for him to go.

  • Why? Because he's not giving everything to the illegals or the lazy f**** who won't work. I'm tired of being taxed to death to support all these f****** people who won't work. Don't want to work, here's housing, food, power, cell phone, and whatever else all compliments of John Q Taxpayer. Get a f****** job you lazy f****.

  • Yeah like you dont suck up any of that tax money using infra structure like anyone else you f****** idiot

  • Ha, someone is mad because they hit a nerve. Guess maybe if you got a job you would feel differently about lazy people.

  • I'm not talking about infrastructure that I also pay for. Its those who don't pay a f****** dime and get everything handed to them. To bad you're just to f****** stupid to understand that. Probably because you're exactly the lazy m*********** I'm talking about.

  • I make more than you

  • More trips to the doctor to treat your VD.

  • Lol. And more trips to the state aid office for food stamps.

  • Redneckmotherfucker

  • I'm a hardcore liberal born and raised in East tennessee. The red neck stigma needs to stop it make us all look like s***

  • I'm not sure what rednecks or m************ have to do with it, but hey it's your comment.

  • I voted for him. Now . . . I wish I could take it back. What a major j***. And a major liar.

  • Boooo hoooo. Cry and eat that s***. We took 8 years of lies and cover ups. Reality is he will get 4 more years because he's getting a work done. The adults are in charge you shallow minded mud puddle.

  • You're poor and stupid, why don't you go watch some f****** nascar and keep your ignorant ass out of politics.

  • What's wrong with NASCAR?????

  • If you have to ask, you're too stupid to comprehend the answer.

  • I hope you lost your healthcare you f****** mindless waste of life.

  • Never. He'll never run out.

  • Does anybody really believe that he's NOT f****** that trash-heap Kellyanne Conway? In the Oval Office?

  • I think she prefers getting railed in a trailer. She's definitely a tramp. Those clothes, and that make-up? Definite trailer chick.

  • He won't run out. He's pathological. He's one of those liars that prefer the lie even when the truth is more advantageous. He can't help it. He's sick. Very sick. He's a very very very very very very very VERY sick f***.

  • He's a nauseating embarrassment to the country and that's no lie........

  • It's a trick question. Donald J. Trump will never run out of lies.

  • When he finally admits he wants to watch his wife enjoy someone else.

  • Yall. She is a person may not be a good one but this is so degrading that all these comments on this would talk about a woman like that.

  • I'd pay to see that. I'd pay more to be involved in it.

  • .... i fantasize about bending her over the desk in the oval office and pounding her up the ass until she's f****** paralyzed......

  • Ha, you fantasize about it as you sit in your crappy little apartment pulling on your little d***. Meanwhile Trump is actually f****** her bent over his desk in the oval office and living the life of luxury. Maybe you should find a new fantasy. One that actually involves a woman you have a chance with.

  • I doubt he's still f.u.c.k.i.n.g her

  • Yeah, I'd like a piece of that.

  • He will stop lying as soon as you kill yourself so the sooner you do that the better. Also you should take your family with you. Thanks in advance!!!!

  • He will run out on the day that he is formally removed from office via impeachment.

  • Keep dreaming you f****** brain dead libtard. Eating up all that bullshit the f****** liberal press is feeding you makes you stupid and blind. Wake the f*** up and realize Obama took you and everyone else for a f****** ride. Both the f****** GOP and the Dems have been f****** all of us up the ass for years. We needes someone who is neither GOP nor Dem, but liberals are too f****** brainwashed to understand that. You believe every bullshit story and twist the liberals tell you about Trump until you are convinced that he needs a to be kicked out of office. Again, wake the f*** up and actually do your own research, then think for yourself instead of jumping on the libtard bandwagon.

  • Wow! You sure use the f-word a lot. Prob'ly compensates for how little f you do. :)

  • Obama lied to me and now my healthcare is edging to 20K a year.

  • What's trumps healthcare plan? Oh what's that he doesn't have one! I'm 14 and know more about this country then you

  • #fakenews. @DonaldJTrump.

  • He is already out. Haven't you noticed? He's already cycling back through that same tired s*** of his.

  • When fake news outlets like CNN stop.

  • Ohhh yeah yeah ohh donald you are such an alpha ohh gets me soo hot. you know just what to say ohh say again how much money you make ohh i just love that s*** ohh im sooo poor and stupid hearing about all your money gets me hot. lie to me some more ohhh yeah tell me again every media outlet that doesnt endorse me is completely fake and totally liberal. oh yeah those stupid liberals know nothing about conservative science ohh yeah. ohhh yeah our crappy economy has nothing to do with lagging in tech it is all immigrants fault when you say you are going to stick that big expensive wall oooo man soo hot. ohh yeah tell me again how good your college is oh and only 30000 oh man i wont be able to afford that ohh soo hot. ohhhhh yeah nuke isis nuking guerilla fighters makes total sense oh yeah f***. tell me again how hot coal burns ohh man we should power hospitals with that s*** ohh yeah. ohhh yeah tell those stupid women that they shouldnt have abortions they are totally bad. f*** yeah no more estate tax ohh yeah that can help the super rich make more jjjjjobs. oh yeah oh yeah and when you threaten to sue journalists you arent harming democracy at all ohh yeah. tell me again how smart sarah palin is, she makes the best cake.

  • No where in your rambling did you deny that CNN is fake news. So your comment just makes you sound like a blithering idiot. Congratulations, you're stupid!

  • Ohh yeah tell me more how im a libtard that gets me hot. ohhhh yeah oooo fake news just out there every where. ohhh cnn ohh man clinton eww. what is reality ohhhh new york times soo liberal. soo much fake news ooooo fox news tell me more true current events ohhh man yeah oh yessss. ohhh no no slow down slow down that is wayyy too liberal.

  • Your ignorance is shining bright, and so is your assumptions. Just keep rambling like a f****** idiot, even your friends will see how stupid you really are. That is if you even have any friends.

  • Ohh yeah who cares what stephen hawking thinks hes a dirty liberal. ohh keep telling me i have no friends aww yeahhhh soo hot. please please be my friend i just crave more info on how everything is fake ohh s*** its all fake. give me that republican wisdom its what i need oooooo! ohh damn republicans sooo edgy sooo with it your monogamous s** and 9 to 5 routine sooo satisfying. if i just learn to pucker those lips like donald and stick my pointer finger to the sky ooooo man thats the key.

  • I wouldn't know anything about being a Republican, I don't belong to that party. You on the other hand seem to be very knowledgeable about acting like an idiot.

  • Oh yeah tell me more how tough is your army ooooooo. ahhhhhh keep telling me i am stupid yet being completely f****** ignorant of soo many issues soo hot ooo. oh f*** oh f*** i love it when you correct me like any computer is capable of the most important skilll! comb overs are just sooooo sexy f*** they really make it look like a guy can make some critical decisions that affect everyone. ohhh yeah give me some more of that trump supporting knowledge lets take it back 40 years to when s*** was wayyy hotter just not in temperature. what a stupid idea to think human activity could effect the climate all that radiant energy couldnt possibly be trapped. ohhhh man soo hot when japanese fishing ships get sunk by plooms of 500 lb jelly fish that is totally normal. how the f*** do you not know anything about republicans yet support this awesome fella who happens to be aligned with them? the earth is 6000 years old that is a fact! carbon dating is just something corrupt liberals make up to trick a genius like you;) ohhh yeah nature conservation what a stupid thing lets build some carls jrs in parks mabye some strip mining sooo sick youre gonna make america great. ohh f*** america, america soooo great soo hot when drones kill civilians due to poor resolution and the fact missles explode. ohhh dont you feel sooo safe knowing everyone has guns and if there is even a power failure people will just freak the f*** out but at least you will have one too. ohhh man those leftists are crazy wanting government services for those in dire need like veterans but it is cool you can just block those groups on twitter.

  • Wow, you have issues. No where in any of my comments did I say I was a Trump supporter or that I was even American for that matter. Maybe you should stop assuming that you know s*** about me. Then maybe you will look less like a f****** idiot with your ramblings.

  • Ohhhhh yeessss oh telll me i have issues. tell me youre not a trump supporter or an american yet you insist on commenting over and over. oooooo those lies are sooo sooo good oooooooo. tell me more how you dont assume anything awwwww damn sooo good. telll me i have no friendsss ohh man please be my friend ohh i need you as an alpha to give me guidance. youre such a caring friend sooo kind, talented, and pure. ohh mabye you might say it is safe to assume you dig trump when youre saying cnn is fake on a anti trump thread you f****** c*********.

  • Did CNN not just fire three people because they published a false news artical? Oh, that's right, they did. I was merely pointing out that Trump will stop lying when the media stops lying, which is probably never. Now, you can go suck your own c*** you assuming d***. And oh by the way, I am from Camrose Alberta in Canada you f*** stick.

  • Fox "news" is only allowed in a few places bc it's fake. It's Fox entertainment bc they can't put it under real news or they would be sued for slander. Know what you're saying dumbass I'm 14 in the deep South of I know it you ain't got an excuse.

  • F****** figures stupid ass country bumpkin

  • Lol, you couldn't think of anything to say, could you? It's okay, God forgives stupid people too.

  • What other cool ideas do you like holding on to from the bronze age?

  • What a paradox dropping a god line while calling someone stupid. LOL

  • Stupidity has nothing to do with God.

  • ;) whatever helps you sleep at night i guess

  • LOL. Hilarious.

  • When his lips stop moving

  • ^total agreement^. he wont stop till he dead. LOL

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