I am The Black Trump

Behold The Black Trump(Ecce Blacko Trumpo), for I(Sam) am He.

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  • Black people shut up

  • So your wife shuns you

  • A black Trump? LOL! That would be funny. Hey who was the first black President? It was William Jefferson Clinton. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. I bet you thought it was that Obamy character didn't you?

  • Well Ben over there Mr. Sambo! I got somthin for ya Mr Trumbo! Hey what's long black and stinks? The line in front of your mommas house. L**** !

  • Who's your daddy?

  • So Sam, which of the attributes and characteristics used to describe trump also apply to you ?

  • N**** you got ta get out da hood first.

  • There's nothing in your declaration -- or in your condition -- to be proud of. Not one thing.

  • Maybe not but try and find something good. Do you know what to do with a good thing? Stick it up your ass. Cause a good thing won't hurt ya.

  • You do mean like the President
    Donald Trump, right ? only black ?

  • I am Daler Mehndi

  • I love her

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