I am The Black Trump

Behold The Black Trump(Ecce Blacko Trumpo), for I(Sam) am He.

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  • Black people shut up

  • So your wife shuns you

  • A black Trump? LOL! That would be funny. Hey who was the first black President? It was William Jefferson Clinton. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. I bet you thought it was that Obamy character didn't you?

  • Well Ben over there Mr. Sambo! I got somthin for ya Mr Trumbo! Hey what's long black and stinks? The line in front of your mommas house. L**** !

  • Who's your daddy?

  • So Sam, which of the attributes and characteristics used to describe trump also apply to you ?

  • N**** you got ta get out da hood first.

  • There's nothing in your declaration -- or in your condition -- to be proud of. Not one thing.

  • Maybe not but try and find something good. Do you know what to do with a good thing? Stick it up your ass. Cause a good thing won't hurt ya.

  • Strumpet more to the point, this is meghan markles predictive programming life and looks like her acting still now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMWuw-h6CeQ

  • Thanks for the humor she looks like trump stuffing turkey for christmas doesn't she? loI and her dada look like a bear and that brat prince hairy actually looks like king henry fat as soon as every meal anywhos, I can't stand meghan markle is a ugly lazy fat momma baby drama droller, a tart on top of a old fart who the world will throw darts at. turn your back on them like they have to others. they deserve it more then most. the world is going to turn sour for them anyway.

  • Your obsession and mental issues are even more pathetic when you talk to yourself.

  • The royalties go to jail for tax d******. mm yes, she will be a jail birdy! b****!

  • LOL> very funny!

  • You do mean like the President
    Donald Trump, right ? only black ?

  • I am Daler Mehndi

  • I love her

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