Should not be allowed in public...it's like having a gun that u don't quite have 100 percent control on the trigger...

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  • I'm from Texas if a dog tries to bite I'll shoot it....

  • Mine are fine. If you have trouble with yours, consider looking for the problem at the other end of the leash...

  • Got olive leakloo kuppi t bulla t tack...

  • I agree :)

  • Go to live leak look up pit bull attack...

  • If you know anything about pitbulls you would that they are very kind and caring they are just over protective of their owners and other things if you are smart you can easily train pit bull to be obedient

  • Again artificial selection keeping traits such as aggression, strength, speed, loyalty they may be loyal to the owner but not to other ppl

  • Yeah ok just the amount of exercise they need is beyond what a lot of ppl would be willing to give and that doesn't change the fact they can f*** ppl up why should I have to just trust u that you've done ur part seriously get f***** I should be able to own a tiger if u get to walk in public with that s***

  • Some more people will get mauled it's just a question of how many it's gona take to get these breeds away from the public no matter how cute u think it is it doesn't change the fact that if it wants to f*** someone up it can

  • That's because some breeds are more prone to violence its called artificial selection encase u don't know..

  • Most home owners insurances won't give you a policy if you own certain breeds

  • Some pitbulls are nice and some aren't. It's the same as anything else.

  • Exactly dont judge all

  • Yeah u know what doesn't change u are responsible for it

  • It's the same thing with every other dog. Idiots.

  • F*** u have u ever seen a vid of someone get f***** up by a pitbull they're bred for it people missing a face and s***

  • Yeah and u should still get an attempt murder charge for other dogs too

  • Thank you! I always see women walking these dogs and they CANNOT contain them when people walk by. I can't stand that! Wish I lived in England

  • They're retards it's so funny to see pro pit bull memes put up by chicks that u know aren't even close to strong enough to control the dog they let the cuteness turn off their brain

  • If people are allowed a pitbull I should be allowed to own a lion or tiger what's the difference

  • One difference is that one is a domesticated breed of dog and the other is a wild cat.

  • Lol you could argue that either can be trained both have potential to kill someone .....

  • They are in many countries but there is a huge difference

  • Tell that to he kid missing his face

  • I don't normally agree with rules that restrict what people can do but in this case I totally agree

  • I agree just make them responsible for the damn thing if it mauls someone's face off give me at least attempted murder charge

  • And at that point someone is still missing their face

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